Amato's Hits the BIG FOUR O


Amato's Hits the BIG FOUR 0!

"That's Right, the big Four 0, Come on in today and grab yourself a bargain to celebrate with us. 

We've got it all, from two bottle offers, six botttle buys, mixed or straight, Mystery Wine Picks and our New Amato's Top Five staff recommendations.

Love variety? Have you seen our range? We have an impressive line up of Beers, Wines, Spirits and Liqueurs. Collating a selection such as this does not happen over night as they say.

To add to this, we've introduced food. This is another great reson to shop at Amato's, we now carry over thirty five different cheeses. There is Antipasto, Pasta, Pasta Sauces, Oil and a wide range of Italian confectionery.

It's no wonder, customers love browsing at Amato's, you will be amazed.

We are still a 100% Australian, Independently owned Family business.

See you there. . . . ."