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New Products

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  • Valdivieso Winemaker Malbec

    Valdivieso Winemaker Malbec

    Intense flavours of red fruites, blackberry, blueberries, chocolate and interesting wild violet notes.

  • Fiuggi 750ml Sparkling Water 12pk

    Fiuggi 750ml Sparkling Water 12pk

  • Pisco Mistral Gran Nobel 700ml

    Pisco Mistral Gran Nobel 700ml

    The alcohols of this assembly come from the private reserve of Pisco Mistral and have an ageing between 10 years, with other younger.
    The use mainly of the varieties Pedro Jiménez and Moscatel of Austria, grapes with less terpenes allow the pisco to be impregnated with more strength of the characteristics of the wood.
    It is recommended as a downspout between 12 and 14 º C and for several pairings.

  • Pisco Control Original 750ml

    Pisco Control Original 750ml

    Pisco Control C is a premium Pisco from the Limarí Valley in Chile. Once home to the Diaguitas, indigenous people dating back to the 8th through 16th century whose culture centered on the worship of the sun, the valley basks in sunshine on average 300 days per year.

  • Capoforte Fiano Salento Igt Bianco

    Capoforte Fiano Salento Igt Bianco

    Full-bodied and complex, with judicious acidity and leisurely, full-flavoured finish; overall, very harmonious.

  • Capoforte Falanghina Salento Igt Bianco

    Capoforte Falanghina Salento Igt Bianco

    Intense and complex, with emphatic notes of ripe pineapple and apricot, citrus and citron, over a floral background of summer flowers, followed by Mediterranean spice and thyme; it concludes on a subtle nuance of creamy butter.

  • Floc De Gascogne Gelas

    Floc De Gascogne Gelas

    Armagnac with white wine, clean and refreshing.

  • Nardini Grappa Extrafina 700ml

    Nardini Grappa Extrafina 700ml

    The result of over two centuries of expertise and tradition in the art of distillation.

    This white grappa, called "Extrafina", is a special blend of the smoothest, most fragrant grappas obtained from multiple vineyards, selected by our master distillers.

    Smooth, elegant and persistent, with floral and fruity nuances. Complex aroma with dominant floral (rose) and fruity (peach-banana) notes. Smooth, elegant, well-rounded and persistent.

  • Kozue Japanese Craft Gin

    Kozue Japanese Craft Gin

    This is a fresh, piney gin with many of the botanicals sourced from the local area. Some of them are listed on the label, including umbrella pine, mandarin, orange, lemon and Japanese pepper. The spice is quite punchy, with the juniper prominent. The citrus is a little more background – mandarin orange peel feels soft and fresh. Furthermore, the flavor of Sansho, Wakayama’s Japanese pepper, enhances the feeling of aftertaste, the flavour that will make you  want to drink more.

  • Jim Beam Distiller Masterpiece

    Jim Beam Distiller Masterpiece

  • Corona Ligera 355ml

    Corona Ligera 355ml

    Corona Ligera is lighter on the palate with subtle malt and hop notes and a pleasing dry finish. Add a wedge of lime to amplify the flavour intensity and create that unmistakeable refreshing, crisp taste that is the hallmark of Corona.

  • Brown Bros Prosecco Spritz

    Brown Bros Prosecco Spritz

    The Prosecco Spritz is a fresh twist on the traditional Prosecco style ideal for pouring over ice as an aperitif.