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Imported Spumante

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  • Bosca Peach Spumante 750ml

    Bosca Peach Spumante 750ml

    Made with verdi and natural peach aromas, lively, fizzy and fruity, Peach sparkletini is a sophisticated.

    Delicately sweet spumante with an extraordinary peach aroma.

  • Bosca Raspberry Spumante 750m

    Bosca Raspberry Spumante 750m

    Made with verdi and natural raspberry aromas, lively, fizzy and fruity, Raspberry sparkletini is a sophisticated, delicately sweet spumante with an extraordinary raspberry aroma.

  • Bosca Verdi Spumante

    Bosca Verdi Spumante

    Slightly sparkling, low in alcohol, delicately sweet with a great bouquet.

  • Fantini Cococciola B.v Spumante

    Fantini Cococciola B.v Spumante

    The colour is brilliant straw yellow. Complex, perfume, with hints of green citrus fruits and floral aromas. Elegant and persistent perlage. In the mouth, elegant, mineral, fresh and well-balanced.

  • Martini Asti

    Martini Asti

    he MARTINI sparkling range began production in 1863, with the launch of the
    MARTINI Asti. It has since come to represent the best of Italian sparkling wines
    and is known as The Italian Taste of Celebration. MARTINI ASTI is a fresh, aromatic
    sparkling wine, produced from the Moscato grape.

  • Sale!Riccadonna Asti Spumante

    Riccadonna Asti Spumante

    A naturally sweet, sparkling Moscato with a hint of honey.

    $13.99 $11.99
  • Toso Asti Spumante

    Toso Asti Spumante

    Sweet, well-flavoured sparkling wine, moderate in alcohol. The fine sparkle and longlasting perlage underline its straw yellow colour. Grape Variety: Moscato Bianco. Serve cool at 6-8°C. Excellent as aperitif, best enjoyed with fruit, dried pastries and desserts in general. Alc/Vol: 7%