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  • Sale!Wild Turkey 101 Proof

    Wild Turkey 101 Proof

    Wild Turkey is real Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey that through its distilling, barrelling, ageing, and bottling processes maximizes the flavour experience101 and cola premix delivers a bold bourbon taste upfront which lingers on with Caramel, oak and vanilla perfectly balancing out the flavour and mouth feel.

    $58.99 $48.99
  • Sale!Wild Turkey Bourbon 86.8

    Wild Turkey Bourbon 86.8

    Wild Turkey is real Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey that through its distilling, barrelling, ageing, and bottling processes maximizes the flavour experience

    $44.99 $39.99
  • Sale!Wild Turkey Honey 700ml

    Wild Turkey Honey 700ml

    Made with real honey, American Honey is a Wild Turkey-based liqueur that gives an exceptionally smooth and sweet flavour experience. It is softer on the palette than our straight bourbons, though still packs a punch as its citrus and caramel notes warm you from the inside.

    The Bourbon flavour is obvious, but dialed down, allowing the smooth honey texture and aroma to come to the fore. After swallowing the 71-proof product, you can expect an extremely long finish, as if your mouth were coated with bourbon infused honey.

    American Honey is perfect for mixing and enjoyed in a wide range of exciting cocktails or tailor-made shots.

    $44.99 $39.99
  • Sale!Wild Turkey Masters Keep 750ml

    Wild Turkey Masters Keep 750ml

    The story of Master’s Keep begins in 1997. Wild Turkey had a surplus of Bourbon and no warehouse space left, so Eddie needed a place to store and age the extra barrels. A friend at another distillery offered his empty stone warehouses, but Eddie knew these would age the Bourbon differently than the wooden warehouses at Wild Turkey. He decided to take a chance and experiment a little, and so the barrels spent several years in stone warehouses before eventually coming back to Wild Turkey’s wooden ones. After 17 years and 200 miles, Eddie felt these traveling barrels had reached their peak flavor. It is fair to say that this Bourbon is a welcome innovation in long-aged whiskey. And, much to his surprise, when the barrels were dumped they were at a much lower proof than anticipated. Barreled at 107 proof, the whiskey was 89 proof when dumped and 86.8 proof (43.4% alc./vol.) when bottled – a result of the time these particular barrels spent aging in stone warehouses.

    “Master’s Keep is the result of a lot of experimentation, patience and faith,” said Eddie Russell. “The sweet spot for Bourbon aging is usually between 8-12 years because older Bourbons tend to become too woody or spicy from sitting too long in the barrel. What I was able to do with Master’s Keep was retain the Bourbon’s rich caramel and vanilla flavors by aging the barrels in both stone and wood warehouses, sampling from them every few months to decide their next move.”

    Jimmy Russell added, “I tend to not like Bourbons aged longer than 12 or 13 years because they lose the caramel and vanilla flavors, but Eddie and I both agree thanks to the unique way this whiskey was aged we have something special here that we truly hope our Wild Turkey fans and Bourbon connoisseurs enjoy.”

    Master’s Keep is delicate yet distinctly Wild Turkey. With a smooth and silky introduction that transforms into caramel and vanilla sweetness, and finishes with a satisfying burst of spiciness and oak, it is one of the finest sipping whiskies to ever come from the distillery. It is a golden hue, perhaps lighter than one might expect from a 17 year old whiskey. The color is attributed to the whiskey’s time in the stone warehouses, where the liquid would have less interaction with the barrel’s charred wood thanks to the cooler temperatures within.

    $239.99 $179.99
  • Sale!Wild Turkey Rare Breed

    Wild Turkey Rare Breed

    Wild Turkey is real Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey that through its distilling, barrelling, ageing, and bottling processes maximizes the flavour experience.

    $74.99 $66.99
  • Sale!Windy Peak Shiraz

    Windy Peak Shiraz

    Lifted, complex perfurmed shiraz aromas. The palate shows bright and lifted fruit characters of berries together with some undertones of pepper and subtle oak use.

  • Sale!Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc

    Wither Hills Sauvignon Blanc

    Classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with a focus on freshness and varietal flavour intensity. The palate is extraordinarily balanced with bright seamless acidity, concentration of brambly, grapefruit fl avours and a long supple finish.

    Vibrant lime pith, brambly tomato leaf, nettle, clementine citrus and crunchy fresh fennel with underlying notes of gooseberry and tropical guava. The palate presents a juicy core of layered fruit entwined with a salty textural acidity, vibrant citrus pith with a moreish dry chalky finish which deliver another remarkable Wither Hills ‘Wairau Valley’ Sauvignon Blanc.

    A perfect match with plump oysters, green lip mussels, even prosciutto and rock melon. Or simply on the deck with great company and repartee.

  • Sale!Wolf Blass Gold Label Chardonnay

    Wolf Blass Gold Label Chardonnay

  • Sale!Wyndham Bin 444 Cabernet Sauvignon

    Wyndham Bin 444 Cabernet Sauvignon

    Distinctively ripe blackcurrant & plum aromas are supported by a savoury oak spice

    $10.99 $8.99
  • Sale!Wyndham Bin 555 Shiraz

    Wyndham Bin 555 Shiraz

    Generous plum and dark cherry fruits with spicy notes. Fine savoury tannins and subtle vanillan oak compliment the fruit. Palate richness with balance and flavour persistence enhance the tasting experience.

    $10.99 $8.99
  • Sale!Wynns Chardonnay

    Wynns Chardonnay

    The Chardonnay is elegant and refined showing classic Coonawarra regionality of soft white stone fruit and nashi pear, adding to the cashew creamy texture and mouthfeel of the wine. Crunchy grapefruit acidity compliments the creaminess creating a harmonious balance, complexed by lingering nuances of nutty French oak and delicate sweet spice. This wine is designed to drink early however will age gracefully over 2 to 3 years.

  • Sale!Yalumba Galway Shiraz

    Yalumba Galway Shiraz

    This Shiraz shows all the hallmarks of a traditional Barossa Red. It is deep in colour with crimson hues. There are aromas of mulberries, black forest cake and liquorice allsorts that speak of its varietal and regional origins.