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  • Sale!Houghton Chardonnay

    Houghton Chardonnay

    A melodious palate of stone fruit, soft acid and lingering peach flavours.

  • Sale!Houghton Chardonnay Verdelho

    Houghton Chardonnay Verdelho

    Bursting with attractive peach, melon and tropical fruit characters.

  • Sale!Houghton Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

    Houghton Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

    Fresh, fruit flavours of citrus, zest and tropical fruit.

  • Sale!Houghton Shiraz

    Houghton Shiraz

    Spicy berry fruit flavours combine with well integrated oak.

  • Sale!Houghton White Classic

    Houghton White Classic

    A crisp and refreshing dry white. One of Australia?s favourites.

  • Sale!Jameson Irish Whiskey

    Jameson Irish Whiskey

    Mellow aromas with hints of toasted wood and sherry undertones. The taste is round and smooth, with sweet, spicy wood and biscuit tones and the finish is dry and incredibly smooth.

    Jameson is aged in bourbon and Spanish oloroso oak casks for a period between 5 and 7 years well beyond the minimum legal maturation period of 3 years.

    Jameson Irish Whiskey is a blend of triple distilled whiskeys unlike Scotch whiskies which are only distilled twice. The principal ingredients are Irish barley, malted and unmalted, and pure water.

    $47.99 $39.99
  • Sale!Kahlua 700 Ml

    Kahlua 700 Ml

     Kahlua is a rich, dark brown viscous coffee liqueur with a unique, sensual and exotic flavour.

    It’s coffee-driven taste profile is underpinned by a blend of the finest imported rums, the sweetest vanilla, the richest caramel,and tropical cane sugar spirit, coupled with aromatic hints of chocolate and nut.

    $29.99 $25.99
  • Sale!Leffe Blonde 330ml

    Leffe Blonde 330ml

    Leffe Blond is an authentic blond abbey beer with a slight hint of bitterness to it.

  • Sale!Leffe Brune Beer 330ml

    Leffe Brune Beer 330ml

    Leffe Brown is an authentic abbey beer. Both its deep, dark brown colour and its full, slightly sweet flavour can be ascribed to the use of darkly roasted malt, making every sip just as exceptional as the last.

  • Sale!Little Goat Creek Organic Pinot Gris

    Little Goat Creek Organic Pinot Gris

    Little Goat Creek flows from the Richmond Ranges into the Wairau River, this water in turn feeds the fertile land that produces Marlborough’s famous grapes. Ideal conditions preserve purity and freshness in the wines which are packed with flavour and show great expression of variety.

    $23.99 $16.99
  • Sale!Little Goat Creek Organic Sauvignon Blanc

    Little Goat Creek Organic Sauvignon Blanc

    Typical aromas of tropical fruit, passionfruit and lime show through on the nose. It has great minerality and drinkability due to the freshness on the palate. The tropical fruits continue on in the mouth with hints of Melon and citrus which adds great length of flavour.

    $21.99 $16.99
  • Sale!Marzadro Grappa Anfora Trentina

    Marzadro Grappa Anfora Trentina

    Grappa aged in terracotta.

    Softness, a rounded taste and an enveloping aroma. These are the qualities of Anfora, a Grappa that brings with it all the qualities of traditional ageing in wood with the distinctive feature that it does not rest in the barrel but, in fact, in amphorae. A new technique that uses one of the oldest containers known to man, terracotta vases useful for transporting and storing wine, oil, honey and other food.

    The amphorae we have chosen are a blend of different types of clay, materials that come from Montelupo and Impruneta, Tuscan towns famous since the Middle Ages for working and crafting ceramics and terracotta. An innovative technique for distillates that we wanted to experiment with, achieving excellent results: the micro-oxygenation, twice what we find when using barrels, enriches the Grappa’s elegance and softness, giving the characteristics of ageing without the classic flavour of wood.

    $79.99 $69.99