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  • Barsol Quebranta Pisco 41.3 Percent

    Barsol Quebranta Pisco 41.3 Percent

    Highly awarded for its superior taste, BarSol Primero boasts subtle aromas and flavors of hay, banana, bakers pastry and ripe dark berry fruit balanced with delicate citrus notes, apricot blossom with pecan and dark chocolate notes, that evolve into a seductively long and elegant finish. Definitely, a connoisseurs delight!! BarSol Primero is the Perfect Pisco to make the best pisco sour!

  • Harmans Estate Pisco Sour

    Harmans Estate Pisco Sour

    Crafted from our single distilled, single variety Pisco Black, make your own Pisco Sour from this special blend.

    The spirit displays lifted citrus blossom and lime aromas with a fruity background. On the palate the spirit is intensely flavoured with citrus and mild heat. The finish is soft and smooth.

  • Pisco Control Original 750ml

    Pisco Control Original 750ml

    Pisco Control C is a premium Pisco from the Limarí Valley in Chile. Once home to the Diaguitas, indigenous people dating back to the 8th through 16th century whose culture centered on the worship of the sun, the valley basks in sunshine on average 300 days per year.

  • Pisco Mistral Gran Nobel 700ml

    Pisco Mistral Gran Nobel 700ml

    The alcohols of this assembly come from the private reserve of Pisco Mistral and have an ageing between 10 years, with other younger.
    The use mainly of the varieties Pedro Jiménez and Moscatel of Austria, grapes with less terpenes allow the pisco to be impregnated with more strength of the characteristics of the wood.
    It is recommended as a downspout between 12 and 14 º C and for several pairings.

  • Pisco Moai 375ml

    Pisco Moai 375ml

    Tres Erres (Three “R”) is one of the most ancient piscos from Chile. The brand can be traced back to the nineteen thirties being one of the main brands from the town of Pisco Elqui. Elaborated with a blend of Muscat of Alexandria, Pink Muscat and Pedro Jimenez, Tres Erres Moai is a tribute to the vast culture of Easter Island, and represents one of the premium products of the distillery.