Puglia Wines Offer


Have you tried these GREAT WINES FROM PUGLIA

Puglia wines are one of the fastest selling Italian wine varietals here at Amatos.

Trust the people, trust the staff. Puglia wines are delicious with any meal.

Primitivo's from Manduria and Salento, Negroamaro's, Blends, Appasimento's all fantastic grape varieties from the Puglia region. 

Big, Juicy, Plumy, flavours are the notes you will taste from these amazing wines. 

These selected Pugliese wines are on OFFER, click below to access these deals. 

Cielo Gran Maestro Primitivo Di Manduria     - 2 for $48.00

Deconti Appassimento                                - 2 for $35.00

Piccini Bastioni Rocca Appassimento             - 2 for $30.00

Piccini Primitivo Frapasso Di Manduria         - 2 for $42.00

Cielo Gran Maestro Rosso Blend                 - 2 for $40.00

Riporta Primitivo Di Manduria                     - 2 for $72.00

Riporta Primitivo                                       - 2 for $34.00

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