VINO 2019


Have you booked your ticket? All has been organised, Master Classes, VINO, and for the first time, 3 Cooking Classes have been organised for VINO 2019.

Save the date, 14th of September 2019, 12 to 5pm, that's the second Saturday in September.

New wines to try on the day, from the all over Italy, let your senses go wild with the food on offer as well.

Come along and enjoy the afternoon, book your ticket here. It's $20 entry fee per person. Great wine deals to be had, prices and offers are only for this day.

5 Master Classes are ready to be booked, have alook and grab your seat, book here.

For the first time, 3 Cooking classes have been organised, Restaurant consultant Robert Dessanti and Aldo Ortado from Masterchef 2018 are teaming up at Vino 2019 on September 14 at Amato’s Liquor Mart, with the duo having appeared together on Channel 10. These classes are FREE, after buying entry ticket to VINO, but limited seating, email to reserve your seat.

The last few years has been great, if you had a chance to come in the past, you know what I am talking about, get a group together and come along. 

Vino 2019