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Budvar Non Alcoholic Beer 0.5

Budvar Non Alcoholic Beer 0.5

Budvar Non Alcoholic Beer 0.5


All the taste, no alcohol. BudÄ›jovický Budvar, the original Budweiser Czech premium non-alcoholic lager is one of the best rated non-alcoholic beers in the world. In 2011 the Belgian International Institute for Quality Selections awarded BudÄ›jovický Budvar Non-Alcoholic Beer a silver medal and a diploma. This traditional Czech pale lager has an inimitable golden colour with a mild hop character and aroma. It is matured for up to 90 days; the result is a pure, rounded and rich flavour. The taste is very mild with a little bittering at the finish.

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SKU: 2580. Category: Beer/Imported Beers.

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Czech Republic




24 bottles