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Coopers Aust Ipa 4pk Cans 375ml

Coopers Aust Ipa 4pk Cans 375ml

Coopers Aust Ipa 4pk Cans 375ml


Coopers new limited edition is an English India Pale Ale, but interpreted in Coopers own distinctive Australian Style. Fully locally produced, all ingredients are 100% Australian sourced.

Defined by a blend of Australian aromatic hops, featuring citrus notes of orange and mandarin with tropical fruit and juniper characters.

India Pale Ale has evolved unique regional characteristics as it has grown in popularity, with brewers interpreting and evolving style over time. Using all Australian ingredients, Coopers defines the emerging “Australian IPA” style.

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$95.00 - (case 24)

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SKU: 13905. Category: Beer/Australian Beers.

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24 cans

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