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Mezcal Trascendente Blanco

Mezcal Trascendente Blanco

Mezcal Trascendente Blanco


This tequila is double distilled from a 100% agave.

This Mezcal Trascendente Blanco has been belnded from three distinct varieties of agave, Maguey Espadin, Tobala and Cuishe.

Maguey Espadin is the most common varietal grown for producing mezcal, it has a moderate sweetness and gentle herbal and citrus flavours.

Maguey Tobal a is a smaller variety that also takes years longer to mature, it is significantly sweeter and holds more delicate floral and spice notes.

Maguey Cuishe yields intensely flavoured mezcals with minerality and spice.

Showing a sweet floral minerality with subtle smoky notes on the nose and a fresh herbal palate with a honey like sweetness, it pairs well with chocolate and citrus fruits.

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