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Sparkling Whites

Click the View link to see more details or to purchase cartons or other pack sizes if available.
  • Grant Burge Pinot Chardonnay Nv

    Grant Burge Pinot Chardonnay Nv

    The palate is rich and generous with a real vitality thatís heightened by the creamy mouth-feel.

  • Harewood Mira Sparkling

    Harewood Mira Sparkling

    "Mira" - meaning wonderful.

    Hand Picked and made exclusively from E Block on Harewood Estate's cool climate and coastal vineyard on Scotsdale Road, in Denmark WA. Traditonal Method 2 years on lees

  • Jacobs Creek Pinot Chardonnay  Sparkling

    Jacobs Creek Pinot Chardonnay Sparkling

  • Jacobs Creek Rose Sparkling

    Jacobs Creek Rose Sparkling

  • Jansz Brut Cuvee Non Vintage

    Jansz Brut Cuvee Non Vintage

    The Jansz Tasmania Non Vintage Premium Cuvee is pale gold in colour, with persistent fine mousse. A lifted nose displaying honeysuckle and citrus notes from Tasmanian Chardonnay. The tirage age contributes aromas of nougat and roasted nuts, whilst Pinot Noir fruit shows delicate strawberry. The palate is well balanced with delicate fruit flavours, creaminess from the fine bead mousse and fresh acid. The wine finishes dry and light with lingering flavours of citrus and nougat.

  • Jean Pierre Brut Sparkling

    Jean Pierre Brut Sparkling

    The fine bubbles provide a creamy texture, while the delicate acidity balances the fresh fruit.


  • Jean Pierre Classique

    Jean Pierre Classique

    Lively fresh flavours with just a touch of residual sweet fruit. A fine persistent bead, the finish on the palate is crisp and clean.

  • La Boheme Cuvee

    La Boheme Cuvee

    Pale colour with a green tinge. Citrus, hazelnuts, brioche, complex and lifted aromas. Finesse and complexity on the palate, lively with good weight and balance.

  • Lisa Mcguigan Limited Edition Black Moscato

    Lisa Mcguigan Limited Edition Black Moscato

    This moscato has a salmon colour that has an aroma of rose petal, the pink colour comes from the wine spending a short time on Pinot Noir skins. On the palate turkish delight and sweet. Mainly a muscat grape variety. 

  • Nightwatch Spk.pinot Chardonnay

    Nightwatch Spk.pinot Chardonnay

    A lifted delicate nose with fresh, lemon zest from the Chardonnay and strawberries and cream from the Pinot Noir. The palate is fruit driven and fresh, with added layers of cream and softness from malolactic fermentation and time on tirage lees.

  • Ninth Island Sparkling

    Ninth Island Sparkling

    Subtle shortbread and nutty overtones from yeast influence combine with floral and raspberry highlights from the pinot noir/meunier grapes. Along with the delicate citrus and pear influence of the chardonnay grapes, the overall impression is of Christmas cake and spice with creme brulee aromas.

    A generous and multilayered palate exhibiting expressive pinot noir spices and red berry fruits, complemented by pinot meunier fruit weight.  This is balanced by the chardonnay flavours of citrus, mineral and honey, finishing with crisp and lingering acidity.

  • Petersons Sparklng Chardonnay Pinot

    Petersons Sparklng Chardonnay Pinot

    Fresh citrus and berry fruit aromas abound but meld with some lovely softer yeast autolysis characters. Hints of fresh baked bread and roasted nuts from the ageing on yeast lees provide a great contrast.  This shows great balance between the creamy mouth feel of the yeast characters and the crisp citrus character from the natural fruit acidity. The sugar dosage highlights the classic sparkling wine varietal characters, citrus from the Chardonnay and berries of Pinot Noir. 

    Whilst still full flavoured, the wine is fresh and has abundant acidity for a long clean finish.  Light to medium intensity – great with seafood and white meat dishes.