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Leeuwin Siblings Sauvignon Blanc

Leeuwin Siblings Sauvignon Blanc

Leeuwin Siblings Sauvignon Blanc

$23.99 $19.99 - $17.99 (by the mix case)
$263.88 $215.88

A fragrant and perfumed nose with white peach blossom and jasmine, elevate the primary fruits of kiwi, lychee and lime. Beneath subtle notes of Thai basil, cardamom and chamomile offer delicate complexity. The palate is subtly textured and nicely balanced with woven layers of finger lime, passion fruit, lemon and nectarine. There is a degree of brightness that runs through the mid palate with sherbet-like acidity leading to a fine and slightly chalky finish.

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$23.99 $19.99 ea

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SKU: 5241. Category: Specials.

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12 bottles