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Paxton Aaa Shiraz Grenache

Paxton Aaa Shiraz Grenache

Paxton Aaa Shiraz Grenache

$20.99 - $18.99 (by the mix case)

The AAA on the label pays homage to David's days in the wool trade and was stamped on the best grades of wool by the Guesser. It is a vibrant blend of approximately 62% Shiraz and 38% Grenache from some special little pockets amongst our vineyards. The Shiraz was selected from the ‘Gateway' and ‘Jones Block’ vineyards, renowned for producing some of the best fruit in the region. These select parcels were blended with complimentary Grenache to create a wine that is engaging to a wide range of drinkers. Our blend is fun, appealing and, unlike some members of Paxton, not over the top.

Paxton Wine Specials

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*From the Paxton Estate range. From these selected wines only. 

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12 bottles