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Sibona Amaro

Sibona Amaro

Sibona Amaro


SIBONA AMARO  is made by the oldest historical distillery in the Piemonte region, Italy known as Disterilleria Sibona.  Consisting of 34 herbs and other aromatic plants all slowly macerated for the infusion of this highly prized Amaro, its exceptionally sweet with a slight bitter finish contributes to its unique flavour and appreciation for its digestive qualities also.  With an alcohol content of 28%  enjoy Sibona Amaro chilled straight up with a slice of orange.  It can also be served with ice and soda water or for something unique try it with vanilla ice cream as a dessert. Year after year, Sibona Amaro has won Gold and Silver medals at the International Wine & Spirit Awards.

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SKU: 3419. Category: Spirits/Amaro.

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