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Massenez Liqueur De Lychee 500ml

Massenez Liqueur De Lychee 500ml

Massenez Liqueur De Lychee 500ml


MASSENEZ’s Lychee Liqueur is surprinsingly faithful to the aromatic fruit. Exotic, generous and delicate despite its intensity on the palate. A true explosion of flavours !
Limpid, colourless, crystalline. Beautiffully bright.
Fruity nose, reminiscent of the sweet juice of ripe Lychee.
Clean attack, immediate sensation of generosity and exotism. In the mouth, balance and freshness predominate. The rose end notes may surprise and ensure a lingering aromatic finish.

It has great intensity and is perfect for a twist on the traditional Kir, cocktail base or simply served with your favourite mixer.

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SKU: 684. Category: Spirits/Liqueurs.

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