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Nardini Ginepro Liqueur 700ml

Nardini Ginepro Liqueur 700ml

Nardini Ginepro Liqueur 700ml


This liqueur arrives on the palate like a rich and generous gin, spiced with botanicals, yet leaves with a subtle hint of grape pomace.

Exquisite over crushed ice with a twist of lemon or a dash of bitters. Quite extraordinary as an ultra-accessible 'martini'.

Whilst Ginepro del Grappa is grappa-based, the liqueur is infused with juniper grown on the foothills of Mount Grappa, from which its name is derived. The liqueur also features a secret blend of alpine botanicals.

The result is a powerful liqueur with the versatility and potential to attract drinkers who in the past - have stayed away from conventional gins. It can be used to make an excellent 'Tom Collins' without recourse to gomme syrup. IWSC 2006 Silver Medal Winner and 'Best In Class' (Herbal Liqueur category).

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SKU: 1341. Category: Spirits/Liqueurs.

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