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Russo Mandarinetto 500ml

Russo Mandarinetto 500ml

Russo Mandarinetto 500ml


The tangerine, typical Sicilian fruit and known all over the world for its intensive fragrance, is the main ingredient of this excellent liqueur. The tangerines are peeled by hand in order to preserve their aroma, then immersed in alcohol for some days. Afterwards it is filtered and mixed with water and sugar in order to obtain a liqueur with an alcoholic strength of 32°.

Its colour is red/orange and has an intensive tangerine perfume. The taste is dense and mellow. To be served chilled in chilled glasses. Its digestive qualities make it an excellent dessert, very recommended also in the preparation of fruit salad, cocktails and long drinks.

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SKU: 5733. Category: Spirits/Liqueurs.

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