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Chilean Whites

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  • Santa Ines Sauvignon Blanc

    Santa Ines Sauvignon Blanc

    Yellow in colour with green tones, this wonderful wine is incredibly intense on the nose with notes of citrus fruit, herbs and green

  • Santa Rita Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

    Santa Rita Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

    This medium intensity wine has a brilliant yellow colour with green hues. Its intense aroma is a fragrant blend of citrus fruit and passion fruit with a herbaceous backdrop typical of this variety. On the palate, it is concentrated, with a pleasant acidity that highlights its freshness, firm structure and excellent persistence. Potential aging: 2 3 years. Ideal as an aperitif or with marinated raw fish, shrimp cocktail, chicken and caviar.

  • Santa Rita Sauvignon Blanc

    Santa Rita Sauvignon Blanc

    120 Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh, fruity wine dominated by tropical and citric fruit such as grapefruit, lime and lemon peel complemented by white peach notes and distinctive variety herbs increasing complexity and lifting fruity sensations, a very interesting aftertaste amid smooth fruit and fresh acidity with a lingering and persistent finish.