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Marco Bonfante Barolo

Marco Bonfante Barolo

Marco Bonfante Barolo

$79.99 - $73.99 (by the mix case)

An intense ruby-red colour with tenous, brigth garnet reflections. It presents certain delicate, spicy aromas, interesting in theire hints of weet leaves and soil, accompanied by an elegant suggestion of violet and ripe plums. The first impact of this wine is inviting, its tannic vein sturdy, well harmonised by its structure and the fresh, final touch of liquirice. We would recommend that this wine be served with very tasty food such as: roasts and braised red meats and particulary, as is the custom in Piedmont, the traditional game salmi: hare, pheasant and boar, served with large helpings of polenta.


$79.99 ea

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SKU: 8388. Category: Wine/Italian Reds.

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