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  • Yealands Landmade Pinot Noir

    Yealands Landmade Pinot Noir

    Sustainable winegrowing,carbon zero
  • Yealands Landmade Sauvignon Blanc

    Yealands Landmade Sauvignon Blanc

  • Yellow Tail Chardonnay

    Yellow Tail Chardonnay

    Fresh flavours of peach, rockmelon and a hint of vanilla, this soft, juicy white is a perfect medium weighted wine for anytime drinking.

  • Yellow Tail Moscato

    Yellow Tail Moscato

    Ahh, that perfect tickle of fizz to keep things nice and perky - lots of sweet rose water flavours and a breezy, easy feel.

  • Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio

    Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio

    Pinot Grigio is a great food wine with plenty of natural acidity to keep things fresh and a little spice for complexity.

  • Yellow Tail Sauvignon Blanc

    Yellow Tail Sauvignon Blanc

    One of Australia's best loved white wine varieties. Ultra clean and zesty, this bright wine is all about tropical fruit with a crisp and fresh finish.

  • Yuntero Organic Red

    Yuntero Organic Red

    Cherry colour with purple tones. Characteristic aromas with hints of ripe berries and wild red fruit. A harmonious, well-structured wine, with characters of plum and cherry, a bit of earth, hot cinnamon and bay leaf. Plenty of pepper and spice in the mouth, over the top of some sappy, red fruit. Balanced with some tangy acid and a good finish.

  • Zenato Alanera Rosso Veronese

    Zenato Alanera Rosso Veronese

    Light Spiced, this medium bodied red exhibits a fresh and well-knit range of black raspberry and cassis fruit, with hints of sweet brown bread and mineral. Shows lovely balance and good drive through to the lingering finish.

  • Zenato Amarone Valpolicella

    Zenato Amarone Valpolicella

    Showing deep ruby red, it releases intense aromas laden with rich spice and dried fruit; in the mouth it is a wine of superb richness and majestic flavours.

    Serve at cool room temperature, uncorking the bottle at least one hour beforehand.

    The perfect wine for all roasts and game, as well as for aged cheeses.

  • Zenato Lugana Riserva

    Zenato Lugana Riserva

    It is a lustrous light gold, with rich, luscious scents of blossoms, citron, and tropical fruit; it boasts a full, well-balanced body, and a sustained, aromatic finish. Lugana Riserva will pair well with a wide range of dishes, especially fish, but you will find it beautiful all by itself.

  • Zenato Ripassa Valpolicella

    Zenato Ripassa Valpolicella

    80% corvina veronese, 10% rondinella, 10% sangiovese.

     Deep ruby red, it offers rich, elegant, lingering scents; it is crisp and dry in the mouth, well structured, with a lovely, velvety texture.

  • Zenato Soave Classico Doc

    Zenato Soave Classico Doc

    Crisp and fruity whites are dry, medium-dry or medium-sweet. They are typically crisply acidic, which balances their rich fruitiness.

    You can discern yellow plum, apple and peach notes in these wines. Crisp acids create a fresh finish, making these wines ideal for a variety of foods.