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Hakkaisan Ginjo Sake 720ml

Hakkaisan Ginjo Sake 720ml

Hakkaisan Ginjo Sake 720ml


Our brewery is covered by deep snow in the winter. This sake embodies the spirit of the clean, cold air during the winter season in that region. Experience the alluring aroma and gentle flavor on the palate. Supported by nature and our craftsman, the elegant flavor of Hakkaisan Ginjo enhances your enjoyment of seasonal dishes.

The rice and polishing ratio are all up to Daiginjo standards, however the sake is presented as Hakkaisan's signature Junmai Ginjo label. Has a delicate Ginjo aroma and a fine, crisp mouthfeel, with clean aftertaste and a strong reverent finish.

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SKU: 6377. Category: Wine/Sake Wine.

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