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Product Reviews

One of the rare occasions where the wine outclasses the surroundings. Beautiful and smooth, this pinot noir is hard to find in WA except at select restaurants. Love it!! 5 stars.

Honi Graf

A really delicious, drinkable beer. Too drinkable almost! Has the most beautiful sweetness to it.

clare fenton

Tried this in-store as part of a tasting, and have bought it many times since. Very easy to drink classic Rose.

clare fenton

This is a very pleasant beer fulfilling all the promises on the label. I'm a big fan of galaxy hops but if you're not so this beer they are not as dominate as in, say, James Squire. I love both beers but this one is lighter yet still full of flavours. Quaffing and with a meal. e.g. Indian
Thai etc..Spicy but also good with a steak.

Michael Bremer

Absolutely one of the top shelf spirits I have tried, actually bought it for my dad but when it's this good I ended drinking all a couple of nips

Marco Bacci