In Store Tastings are BACK at AMATO'S!


Welcome to Amato's Liquor Mart

In Strore Tastings are BACK at AMATO'S!

Store Policy in regards to in store tastings.

During this Covid-19 time, Amato's Liquor Mart management respect and up hold the following procedures during ALL in store tasings ensuring the safety of both you, staff and the tasters. 

Amato's Liquor Mart Covid-19 Tasting Policy for Tasters.

All Tasters will be expected to wear gloves whilst tasting in store at Amato's
Please bring a sign (Which can be printed out on an A4 Sheet of paper) Saying Please Stand 1.5 meters away.
You must also stand 1.5 meters away from the customer.
Please bring Hand Sanitizer with you - use it after every customer you serve.
Pour wines before the customer gets to you
Use Plastic Cups (Which can be disposed of immediately)
Wipe Wine Bottle down after every pour.

Customer Safety First