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Lf Seltzer Pinot Gris Pear And Ginger 250ml

Lf Seltzer Pinot Gris Pear And Ginger 250ml

Sweet flavours of ripe pear cut sharply with a dry hit of ginger, infused with Leftfield Pinot Gris for crisp acidity (and alcohol) then topped up with sparkling water to keep it light and refreshing.

Rossi Limoncello 700ml

Rossi Limoncello 700ml

Limoncello Rossi D'Asiago is obtained by steeping the rinds of fresh choice lemons in alcohol. Excellent as a digestive and for the preparation of sorbets. It is perfect poured over ice cream or when preparing cocktails and long drinks. Serve iced.

Villa Massa Limon 2 Glass Gift Pack 700ml

Villa Massa Limon 2 Glass Gift Pack 700ml

The spirit of Sorrento can be captured in this gift, comes with a 700ml bottle and 2 glasses.

Turchetto Limoncello

Turchetto Limoncello

Fratelli Limoncello 500ml

Fratelli Limoncello 500ml

Distilleria Alessandro Limoncello: Distilleria Alessandro Limoncello is a classic Italian drink that provides all the intense zest of fresh lemons with just the right amount of sweetness. This fresh and smooth liqueur is best enjoyed slightly chilled on its own with ice or as a aperitif, great added to cocktails, mixed with Champagne or sparkling wines, or poured over lemon sorbet or ice cream as a delicious dessert. 



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  • Sale!Pikes Eastside Shiraz

    Pikes Eastside Shiraz

    $26.99 $21.99
  • Sale!Scarborough Offshoot Chardonnay

    Scarborough Offshoot Chardonnay

    Our newest Offshoot has come out of the Blue. This crisp, lean Chardonnay is the perfect addition to our contemporary Offshoot range. 

    Our light, fresh style of chardonnay, litely fruit flavours with a crisp creamy palate.

    $16.99 $14.99
  • Sale!Pikes Cabernet Sauvignon Dogwalk

    Pikes Cabernet Sauvignon Dogwalk

    $21.99 $16.99
  • Sale!Santi Sortesele Pinot Grigio

    Santi Sortesele Pinot Grigio

    A soft straw colour with platinum tint; a broad, intense, persistent and very elegant perfume, with dominant notes of ripe pear, dried fruit and meadow flowers. Its flavour is full, fresh, soft but vivacious and firm, with fine acidity and a long finish. This is a very typical pinot grigio, with a noble structure, attractive to the nose and full of satisfaction on the palate.

    $17.99 $14.99