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Salatin Pinot Grigio

Salatin Pinot Grigio

Full, intense and of great balance. In its complexity you can appreciate scents of cherry, apple and mango. All fruity aromas well integrated in an intense mineral structure.
It's combines perfectly with fish, risotti and vegetable dishes
Berta Roccanivo Grappa

Berta Roccanivo Grappa

Complex, delicate. Displays marasca cherry, fruits of the forest, cacao and vanilla. Rich, harmonious and persistent. Powerful and at the same time very delicate.

Nardini Grappa Tagliatella

Nardini Grappa Tagliatella

As its name implies, Tagliatella is a grappa-based 'cocktail' of complex flavours. While the aroma of fresh cherry juice predominates, the drink features natural ingredients deployed in a wide range of products in Nardini's grappa and aperitivo range.

Fruity, with a well-calibrated bitter/sweet ratio, Tagliatella is typically enjoyed neat over ice, or with a splash of soda. It is especially refreshing as a summer drink - the 'Bassano Mule' -enjoyed long with ginger beer.

Grappa San Marzano Sessantanni 60

Grappa San Marzano Sessantanni 60

The colour is amber. The nose has an elegant aroma with a lingering taste.

Nardini Grappa Di Ruta

Nardini Grappa Di Ruta

Each bottle of Ruta features a large sprig of rue, a bitter herb that gives this unusual grappa a delightfully astringent flavour.

Although the infusion is an acquired taste for some, Ruta has many advocates and was always the personal favourite of Aldo Signetti, the legendary head barman at Dukes Hotel in St James.

In homeopathy, rue is sometimes used as a fever suppressant, but according to Italian folk-lore it not only increases male potency but assists women to relax. A fairly useful combination.

Salatin Pinot Nero

Salatin Pinot Nero

The wine is fresh and lively, an elegant tannic structure makes it smooth and soft

It matches with tasty fish and white and red meats. Perfect with cheeses.



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  • Sale!Rolling Cabernet Merlot

    Rolling Cabernet Merlot

    Bright red berry characters on the nose with hints of dusty oak and chocolate on the palate, subtle fine tannins and good length.
    Match to chargrilled steak and tomato based dishes.

    $15.99 $12.99
  • Sale!Croser Non Vintage

    Croser Non Vintage

    Croser Non Vintage Sparkling  stays true to the ‘aperitif’ style of Croser Vintage while signalling an evolution of the Petaluma Croser house style. The wine is a blend of the current vintage Croser with reserve wine from several older vintages – with each vintage adding distinctive qualities to the final blend.

    The wine showcases a rich, full blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from selected sites in the cool climate Piccadilly Valley and other parts of the Adelaide Hills.

  • Sale!El Jimador Blanco Tequila

    El Jimador Blanco Tequila

    El Jimador Blanco is a young, fresh and natural tequila. Made from 100% blue agave, this sparklingly clear tequila is double-distilled to remove impurities and immediately bottled to preserve its crisp, authentic character. Its lively flavour and citrusy after tones make it an exceptional choice for classic Mexican drinks and other festive cocktails

  • Sale!Redman Shiraz

    Redman Shiraz

    Medium to dark red with some purple tints. Pepper and spice fruit nose with hints of vanilla oak. The mid weight palate shows spicey fruit, firm tannins and balanced acidity. The bright finish is clean with lingering flavour.