Cocktail Recipes

The Celebrity Mojito

The Celebrity Mojito


  • 25 grams of Caster Sugar
  • 25 mls Water
  • 30 mls Lime Juice (approx 3/4 fresh lime)
  • 4 sprigs of Mint
  • Ice Crushed
  • Collins Glass


A classic with a big TWIST. . . . .

Start off by making some simple syrup.

Once this is made pour syrup into a Collins Glass, squeeze in the Lime and add mint leaves.

Gently press against the leaves against the glass as this will release the needed bitter oils that will enhance this cocktail.

Add both the Rum and Grappa and muddle together.

Add the ice.

Top up with Soda Water.

Serves One.

WOW! The Grappa really changes this Amazing Cocktail!!!!