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Australian Whisky

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  • Hellyers Road Peated Australian Whisky

    Hellyers Road Peated Australian Whisky

    The nose elicits a smoky, malted scent mixed with apple, vanilla and spices. The taste is full-bodied and exquisitely balanced to deliver a delightful apple and spice combination over a smoky ambience. This delightful single malt whisky was recently recognised as Australia's best single malt at the Malt Whisky Society of Australia Awards for Excellence.

  • Hellyers Road Pinot Noir Australian Whisky

    Hellyers Road Pinot Noir Australian Whisky

    The Pinot Noir Finish single malt has been aged in American white oak barrels and finished off for up to six months in French Oak, previously the domicile of local award winning Tasmanian Wines. This unique vatting, marrying and finishing process in Pinot Noir exudes an abundance of citrus flavours, fruits of lemon and orange, with a sweet gentle layer of pepper and spice. It is why this Whisky is our Distillers Choice.