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French Rose

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  • Alliance Loire Rose

    Alliance Loire Rose

  • Bouchard Aine Vdt Cuvee Rose

    Bouchard Aine Vdt Cuvee Rose

    A beautiful clear rosé with purplish tints. Fruity with hints of gooseberry and citrus fruits.

    Slightly acidic for optimum freshness. Pleasantly soft in the mouth and easy to drink.

    Ideal with white meat dishes, grills or sliced ham.

  • Gardian Rose Grande Reserve

    Gardian Rose Grande Reserve

    Light colour with light purple hues. On the nose, seductive aromas of red fruits, strawberry and raspberry. On the palate, they are complemented by floral notes. Generous and pleasant, it is a juicy rosé to enjoy any time and delightful with meals.

  • Jardin Des Charmes Rose

    Jardin Des Charmes Rose

    Translucent very pale salmon colour with a watery hue. Aromas of peaches and raspberries mix with hints of musk and spice. Very light and dry the palate is subtlety flavoured with citrus, raspberries, light infusions of musk and spice. Crisp finish with a moderate aftertaste.

  • La Baume Rose Languedoc

    La Baume Rose Languedoc

    La Baume signs this exceptional rosé wine allying freshness and fruity aromas. This fresh rosé will be ideal at the apéritif or with poultry and fishes.

  • Les Trois Provence Rose

    Les Trois Provence Rose

  • Listel Rose

    Listel Rose

  • Sables D'azur Rose

    Sables D'azur Rose

    Pale rose peach coloured, elegant nose with delicate hints of small red fruits (red currant) and sweet citrus fruits.

    Crispy and fresh mouth with a good balance between alcohol and acidity. A finish with sweet hints.

  • Ultimate Provence Aop Cotes Provence Rose 750ml

    Ultimate Provence Aop Cotes Provence Rose 750ml

    Color: Star bright in color, vibrant pale pink that has flecks of copper reflections.

    Nose: A unique combination of classic Provençal red berries leading to scents of the holidays – pine, cinnamon and gingerbread cookies.

    Taste: The spice notes from the Syrah provides a dry, white pepper characteristic across the entire palate. A touch of Rolle gives great acidity and brightness that lends notes of winter citrus, spice with a warming finish.

  • Villa Aix Rose Provence Vins Breban

    Villa Aix Rose Provence Vins Breban

    The VILLA AIX rosé wine goes well with charcuterie, grilled fish, and many white meats.