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  • Argento Classic Malbec

    Argento Classic Malbec

    This superb Malbec is deep purple, with powerful aromas of red berries and floral notes. Flavors of plum and sweet blackberry. Finish of ripe, balanced tannins.

    The best accompaniment to a Malbec wine are dishes including roasted red meat, pasta with red sauces and mature cheese with a complex flavor. Malbec wines are also great with typical Argentinian cuisine such as meat empanadas and stews.

  • Capel Vale Debut Malbec

    Capel Vale Debut Malbec

  • Taylor Made Malbec

    Taylor Made Malbec

    This Malbec is full of intense dark fruit characters, a hint of plum stone and spicy notes of black pepper create a wine that is full to medium-bodied with a smooth finish.

  • Trapiche Broquel Malbec

    Trapiche Broquel Malbec

    Intense purple red color with ruby hues. Aromas of black fruit jam and liqueur, with an elegant touch of smoke, vanilla and chocolate. Sweet attack and full- bodied tannins. Long and pleasant finish.

  • Trapiche Single Vineyard Coletto Malbec

    Trapiche Single Vineyard Coletto Malbec

    A Malbec of deep and intense red-violet color, With Aromas of 
    red fruits, plums, black cherries and forest berries such as 
    blackberries and blueberries. on the nose are aromas of 
    Butterscotch cinnamon and vanilla with a Subtle touch of smoke. 
    Fresh and full as it enters the mouth, with sweet, juicy and 
    ample tannins and a very elegant finish.