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  • Castelli Empirica Gewurztraminer

    Castelli Empirica Gewurztraminer

    The aim of this wine was to provide elegance, balance and complexity whilst preservingthe highly aromatic qualities of the variety. With the use of several small batch winemaking techniques, each designed to bring something different to the wine and careful attention to detail we are confident that we’ve achieved our goal. Intense rose petal and orange blossom aromas have been encased with a balanced mouthfeel and texture; beautifully pure and enticingly complex. A perfect accompaniment to Asian cuisine or simply enjoyed on its own.

  • Lawsons Dry Hills Gewurtztraminer

    Lawsons Dry Hills Gewurtztraminer

    The bouquet of this wine is beautifully scented with notes of rose petal, clove, lychee, ginger, citrus and much more...

    The palate is rich and round with a lovely mid-palate volume and a luscious texture. A sliver of sweetness provides softness to the finish. Over the next eight to ten years this wine will develop musk, honey and toasty characters, whilst retaining its distinctive varietal appeal.

    Excellent with any Asian, Middle Eastern dish or mild Indian curries.