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Japanese Whiskey

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  • Akashi White Oak 500ml Blended Whiskey

    Akashi White Oak 500ml Blended Whiskey

    A very light, easy drinking blended whisky. 

    This is a very affordable entry level blend that makes it a great starting point for an adventure into Japanese whisky.

  • Akashi White Oak Blue Label Whisky 700ml

    Akashi White Oak Blue Label Whisky 700ml

    White Oak Akashi Blue Label Blended Japanese Whisky is reserved in Japanese Shochu casks (American Oak) for around 2 years, aged in bourbon cask before finishing in sherry casks for 12 months.

    On the nose this whisky has a fruity with a slightly sweet vanilla scents. 

    The palate is fresh with spice, oak, and hints of peat with a medium, spicy, and sweet finish.

  • Akashi White Oak Toji Japanese Whisky 700ml

    Akashi White Oak Toji Japanese Whisky 700ml

    Akashi whisky is the only whisky in the world that is made by a Toji by introducing sake-making methodologies into the whisky making process. The pot stil used is smaller than those used by both Scottish and other Japanese distilleries, which in turn, decreases the levels of fusel alcohol. As a result, Akashi whisky does not require as long of an aging process, while its core malt is smooth and delicate.


     With flavours like pepper, vanilla, lightly peated, honey, chocolate, oak, vanilla, dried fruits,  spices, cinnamon, and having a long finish.

  • Hibiki Master Select Whisky

    Hibiki Master Select Whisky

    Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master Select Limited Edition.

    Hibiki is a Japanese blend from the Suntory Distillery. Its malt and grain comes from Suntory’s 3 distilleries Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita and has gained the status as the ultimate Japanese blend.

    The 24-sided bottle represents the 24 Sekki (seasons) in the Japanese lunar calendar.

    Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master Select Limited Edition was developed by fourth generation chief blender Shinji Fukuyo with production overseen by third generation master blender and great-grandson of the founder, Shingo Torii.

  • Kujira 20yo Ryukyu Japanese Whiskey 750ml

    Kujira 20yo Ryukyu Japanese Whiskey 750ml

    Founded in 1952, Kumesen Syuzo started on distilling Awamori which is a distilled alcoholic beverage indigenous made with Indica rice and unique to Okinawa islands of Japan, also know as Ryuku islands. Then around 1989, this innovative distillery started to age Awamori in oak barrels, creating a unique kind of ji-whisky in its own category, thus named it the Ryukyu Whisky. With 20 years maturing in bourbon casks, Kujira as a single grain whisky made entirely of rice provides a wonderful taste profile that has  distinguished itself from its malt counterparts and creates a refreshing choice for spirits lovers.

    Herbs, various plum fruits hint, prune, mint candy. Balanced light body, sweet, vanilla, spice, smoky woodiness. Licorice, Japanese pepper, medium finish

  • Kujira Whiskey 24yo 700ml

    Kujira Whiskey 24yo 700ml

    This Kujira Ryukyu Whisky is 100% selected rice distilled and matured in first fill bourbon barrels for more than 24 years by Kumesen Shuzo in Okinawa. Okinawa is part of the Ryukyu Islands, which are a chain of subtropical islands located at the southernmost tip of Japan. Kujira Ryukyu Whisky is an utterly unique tropical style Japanese Whisky. Thanks to the island’s warm climate, whisky takes less time to mature and thus has a stronger aroma and a bolder taste.

    On the nose this whisky has notes of herbs, dried plum, prune, mint.

    On the palate is displays characters of chocolate, vanila, spice, smoky woodiness.

    With a licorice, japanese pepper long finish.

  • Kura 12 Year Old Single Malt Japanese Whisky

    Kura 12 Year Old Single Malt Japanese Whisky

    Exceptionally hand crafted Okinawa Single Malt reserved in selected North American white oak casks for 12 years. Kura is made from best quality Indica with black Koji unique to Okinawa using traditional production methods of over 600 years of craftsmanship. Complex aroma and mellow taste bring whisky lovers to a different and new concept of true local Japanese Single Malt.

  • Nikka Japanese Coffey Malt Whiskey 700mlnikk

    Nikka Japanese Coffey Malt Whiskey 700mlnikk

    Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky is a signature grain whisky. Predominantly made from corn, whisky distilled in a Coffey still is matured in old casks such as re-filled, remade and re-charred casks originally made from American oak to deliver the sweet and mellow flavors of Coffey distillates.

    Nose: Fresh and enticing, it reveals ripe pear, cherry and exotic fruit aromas. Citrus notes of blood orange, and lemon as well as coconut, bourbon vanilla and pastry. 

    Palate: Juicy and pleasant, intense ripe fruit with rum accents and caramel. The complexity develops with hints of liquorice and star anice. 

  • Nikka Tailored Whiskey

    Nikka Tailored Whiskey

    The Nikka Tailored premium blended whisky has a smooth and round nose with fruity characters like apple, apricot and white-fleshed fruits. Strong presence of honey, and chocolate notes with oranage candied peel aromas. 

    On the palate this whisky is gourmet, offering a very interesting duality. On one side, a pastry style marked by vanilla and kouglof and on the other side, the bitterness that is detected with dark chocolate and citrus zest such as tangerine and orange. 

    The finish is smooth as the bitterness is counterbalanced by slightly toasted notes of vanilla. 

  • Shin Umeshu Whisky 500ml

    Shin Umeshu Whisky 500ml

    Shin Whisky Umeshu is a plum liqueur made with 100% Japanese plums brewed with sochu (Japanese distilled rice beverage), which is then finished with Akashi whisky.

    Palate: Rich and well-balanced flavour of citrus and vanilla with moderate sweetness, and enjoy the lingering aftertaste of wooden aroma with distinctive notes of whisky.

  • Yamazakura Blended Whiskey Japanese 700ml

    Yamazakura Blended Whiskey Japanese 700ml