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  • Banrock Station Chardonnay 2litres

    Banrock Station Chardonnay 2litres

    A classic Chardonnay - full bodied wine with citrus and tropical fruit flavours.

  • Banrock Station Pinot Grigio 2lt

    Banrock Station Pinot Grigio 2lt

    The Banrock Station 2L Pinot Grigio displays delicate aromas of pear and white peach with hints of perfume.
    This wine has an appealing soft, creamy palate with a fresh, clean finish. Delicate flavours of pear and white peach are underpinned by lively citrus notes.

  • Banrock Station Rose 2lt

    Banrock Station Rose 2lt

    The Banrock Station White Shiraz Rosé displays ripe red berry fruits on the nose with a hint of light vanilla oak. The palate exhibits a balanced sweetness with a crisp finish.

  • Banrock Station Shiraz 2lt

    Banrock Station Shiraz 2lt

    The Banrock Station Shiraz exhibits intense blackberry fruit over coffee and oak aromas with a hint of clove and cinnamon. This wine is a full bodied Shiraz that displays plum and blackberry flavours with clove and aniseed spices supported by a rounded tannin structure.

  • Berri Classic Dry White

    Berri Classic Dry White

  • Berri Crisp Dry White

    Berri Crisp Dry White

    Crisp citrus flavours with hints of soft peach, this is a refreshing wine with a clean fresh finish.

  • Berri Dolce Rosso (red Lambrusco)

    Berri Dolce Rosso (red Lambrusco)

    Berri Estates produce a luscious sweet red available in a convenient 5L cask. Wonderfully light, sweet showing plums and a gentle spritz. Perfect for parties or year round barbecues.

  • Berri Fresh Dry White (riesling)

    Berri Fresh Dry White (riesling)

    With slightly fuller fruit flavours than its crisp companion, there is plenty of ripe melon and passionfruit flavours here.

  • Berri Rose

    Berri Rose

    Lovely delicate fruit aromas carry through to the palate. The clean, crisp and refreshing finish makes this an ideal wine for mildly spicy Asian style cuisine.

  • Berri Soft Fruit White (moselle)

    Berri Soft Fruit White (moselle)

    Big and rich fruit flavours, ideal wine match with seafood.

  • Berri Tradional Dry Red (claret)

    Berri Tradional Dry Red (claret)

    This is a soft and approachable red wine which pays homage to Claret's starring role during the inception of Australia's wine industry.

  • Cross Country Lambrusco 4 Litre

    Cross Country Lambrusco 4 Litre

    A delicious light red with soft, sweet berry fruit flavours, made in a typical Lambrusco style.