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  • Bartholomews Liqueur Mead 375 Ml

    Bartholomews Liqueur Mead 375 Ml

    This is a traditional fortified honey liqueur. It is made with a selection of premium honeys from the south coast of Western Australia and fortified with Brandy spirit. The result is a thick, smooth sticky which is rounded rich and sweet flavour. It has a great nose and long palate – absolutely stunning. It can either be enjoyed today or as a great addition to your cellar.

    When enjoyed as an aperitif or digestif, serve with a liqueur glass to accentuate the flavour and allow optimal release of the aromas. 

    This mead is delicious when served over ice cream. We also recommend using it to poach / marinade fruits – the result is a delicious, rich, elevated dessert.

  • Bartholomews Sweet Forest

    Bartholomews Sweet Forest

    Colour is pale yellow straw colour. Nose is florals, ginger and white grape on the nose. Palate is honeyed character with touches of citrus notes and a touch of ginger spices.

    Made with raw honey and pure Denmark rainwater.