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Dessert Wines

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  • Braida Brachetto Dacqui 2019

    Braida Brachetto Dacqui 2019

    One of the most elegant dessert wines as it shows its full fragrance of red berries: an aromatic expression of Bulgarian rose and wild strawberries, the wine is an explosion of pure fruit and freshness and is best drunk young.

    Intense pink colour, fine mousse. Lush aroma, fragrant and aromatic, intense red fruit and strawberries. A sweet, soft and delicate taste with refreshing aromatic finish. Accompanies chocolate-coated strawberries, wild berries, and goes well with dried fruit, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and figs. The most traditional association, with a dessert after the meal or mid-afternoon, is with dry pastries and with oven baked sweets, from Christmas Panettone to jam tarts. Brachetto d'Acqui is one of the few wines throughout the world which can be matched with dark chocolate.

  • Darenberg Noble Fuckeliana Sauvignon Blanc

    Darenberg Noble Fuckeliana Sauvignon Blanc

    Botryotinia fuckeliana is the scientific name for a certain type of mould that affects fruit. Botrytis cinerea is a form that affects vineyards and is more affectionately known as ’noble rot’. Noble rot weakens the skin of the grape which causes the water in the berry to evaporate and leaves
    behind the sugar and nutrients. Paradoxically to the lewd sounding name, Botryotinia fuckeli-ana is an asexual spore, named after German botanist, Karl Wilhelm Gottlieb Fuckel.

  • De Bortoli Black Noble 500ml

    De Bortoli Black Noble 500ml

    Hints of toffee and coffee with raisins and mandarin peel. Unique and delicious, rich raisin and dried date fruit with hints of citrus peel, toffee and caramel flavours. Concentrated and viscous with lingering aged complexity.

  • De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis 750ml

    De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis 750ml

    Layers of intensely ripe botrytis fruit, creamy citrus, nectarine, honey and cumquat blended with attractive oak. Unctuous with a slight touch of refreshing acidity gives length and structure which then delivers a beautifully balanced wine.

  • Dezzani Moscato D'asti

    Dezzani Moscato D'asti

    The fragrant scent is typical Moscato with notes of fruit and honey. Sweet on the palate, aromatic and typical of white fruits. Moscato is a conversation and party wine; fantastic as an aperitif and with desserts.

  • Domain Barossa Sticky Cane Dried Semillon

    Domain Barossa Sticky Cane Dried Semillon

    To make our Sticky we have taken ripe Semillon grapes and cane-dried them to intensify the natural flavours of tropical fruit and apricot marmalade. Enjoy this wine now or if you have the patience, give it a few years to see the flavours really develop.

  • Donnafugata Passito Ben Rye 375ml

    Donnafugata Passito Ben Rye 375ml

    The wine displays its extraordinary personality and depth initially with its bright amber yellow color. After the first, intense notes of apricots and peaches, the bouquet offers sweet sensations of dried figs, honey, herbs and mineral notes. The wine is impressive on the palate with its outstanding complexity due to a fusing of sweetness, sapidity and softness. A prolonged finish.

  • Feudo Arancio Hekate Passito 500ml

    Feudo Arancio Hekate Passito 500ml

    Blend of white aromatic grapes.Color: Golden amber.
    Notes of dried flowers and chamomile, whitefleshed
    peaches, dried apricot, honey and spice.
    Sweet and fruity, ending with a final note consistent with
    balsamic vinegar.
    Ideal with fruit tarts, hazelnut cookies, pistachio desserts and
    traditional Sicilian desserts like cannolis; also pairs well with
    semi-sharp cheeses and tropical fruits.