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Italian Whites

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  • Aghiloja Vermentino Di Gallura Docg Monti

    Aghiloja Vermentino Di Gallura Docg Monti

    Luscious with juicy, tropical fruit flavours.

  • Amatore Bianco Verona

    Amatore Bianco Verona

  • Angoris Friulano

    Angoris Friulano

  • Angoris Pinot Bianco

    Angoris Pinot Bianco

  • Angoris Pinot Grigio

    Angoris Pinot Grigio

    Notes of pear, apple, peach and citrus

  • Antinori Orvietto Classico Secco

    Antinori Orvietto Classico Secco

    Straw yellow in color, the wine's aromas are fresh with floral and fruity notes which recall pears and orange flowers. On the palate the wine is supple and crisp with a savoury finish and an aftertaste which brings back the fruity notes of the nose.


  • Antinori Toscana White

    Antinori Toscana White

    Straw yellow in colour, the aromas show much elegance and finesse with notes of acacia and orange flowers. Its flavours are supple and savoury, of fine length, and with a finish which recalls citrus fruit.

  • Aragosta Vermentino Cantina Santa Maria La Palma

    Aragosta Vermentino Cantina Santa Maria La Palma

  • Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino

    Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino

    On the niose: intense and delicate, with good primary and secondary flavour.

    On the Palate: Freshdry and dry, savory with a pleasant and delicate finish.

  • Atzei Saragat Vermentino

    Atzei Saragat Vermentino

    On the palate, it is soft on the attack, then savoury and lively, with good structure and excellent alcoholic balance.

    Nice fresh white wine that stands out for its very fruity character and pleasant acidity. Very nice long finish.

    Aperitifs served with cheese puffs or pieces of Sardinian ham, dishes with fresh roe, vegetable pies, dishes with crustaceans and seafood,  tasty and medium-fat fish cooked or grilled, semi-cured sheep's and cow's cheeses.

  • Balbi Soprani Gavi

    Balbi Soprani Gavi

    Made from Cortese grapes grown in a small hilly area in the province of Alessandria, near the town of Gavi.

    Delicate, containing hints of fresh fruit.

    Dry, pleasant, fresh and harmonious.

    An elegant aperitif, perfect with appetisers, seafood and white meats.

  • Balbi Soprani Roero Arneis

    Balbi Soprani Roero Arneis

    Dry white wine, fresh and well balanced, with fruity notes and hints of almond. Suitable with fish-based dishes, white meats and vegetables. Excellent aperitif.

    Fresh and fruity.

    Dry with hints of almond.

    Excellent with fish-based dishes, white meats and vegetables. Excellent aperitif.