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Italian Whites

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  • Angoris Pinot Grigio

    Angoris Pinot Grigio

    Notes of pear, apple, peach and citrus

  • Anselmi San Vincenzo

    Anselmi San Vincenzo

    Colour is golden yellow. Nose is fresh cut lemon and lime notes with hints of almond meal. On the palate, lovely freshness and richness and is almost savoury with its herbacious elements which are balanced with powerful citrus characters. 13% abv.

  • Antinori Bramito Della Sala Chardonnay

    Antinori Bramito Della Sala Chardonnay

    A brilliant yellow with green highlights, the wine shows a fresh and complex bouquet with buttery notes laced with vanilla. It is a wine of good structure, elegant and mineral, which expresses a tonic and balanced acidity well fused with the delicate sensations of oak.

  • Antinori Toscana White

    Antinori Toscana White

    Straw yellow in colour, the aromas show much elegance and finesse with notes of acacia and orange flowers. Its flavours are supple and savoury, of fine length, and with a finish which recalls citrus fruit.

  • Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino

    Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino

    On the niose: intense and delicate, with good primary and secondary flavour.

    On the Palate: Freshdry and dry, savory with a pleasant and delicate finish.

  • Avide La Bianco

    Avide La Bianco

    Fruity, slightly aromatic, citrusy, characterised by freshness and lightmess that accompanies a fresh summer aperitif without intrusion.

  • Balbi Soprani Gavi

    Balbi Soprani Gavi

    Made from Cortese grapes grown in a small hilly area in the province of Alessandria, near the town of Gavi.
    Delicate, containing hints of fresh fruit.
    Dry, pleasant, fresh and harmonious.
    An elegant aperitif, perfect with appetisers, seafood and white meats.

  • Balbi Soprani Roero Arneis

    Balbi Soprani Roero Arneis

    Dry white wine, fresh and well balanced, with fruity notes and hints of almond. Suitable with fish-based dishes, white meats and vegetables. Excellent aperitif.

    Fresh and fruity.

    Dry with hints of almond.

    Excellent with fish-based dishes, white meats and vegetables. Excellent aperitif.

  • Banfi Le Rime Pinot Grigio Toscana Igt

    Banfi Le Rime Pinot Grigio Toscana Igt

    Hints of pear and white flowers.

    Well balanced with an unusually lively acidity.

    Food Pairing A splendid aperitif and a delightful complement to antipasto, pasta, and light meals.

  • Bellussi Lido Sylvander Alto Adige

    Bellussi Lido Sylvander Alto Adige

    White wine obtained from grapes of the Valle Isarco Sylvaner (South Tyrol), is characterized by a dry and fresh flavor and a pleasantly fruity scent.

  • Bio Vio Pigato Riviera Ligure Di Ponente

    Bio Vio Pigato Riviera Ligure Di Ponente

    100% Pigato grapes

    Straw-yellow with more or less green tints when young, ample with notes of musk, undergrowth, broom, cedar, peach kernel, dry, quite intense and persistent, immediately reminiscent of flavours having a slight almond aftertaste.

  • Borgo Magredo Sauvignon

    Borgo Magredo Sauvignon

    A single vineyard 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Produced from two selected clones that combines the typical bouquet of pepper and elderberry with structure and a long finish. Partially barrel fermented in order to achieve a buttery and soft texture and taste. Temperature controlled fermentation in new stainless steel vats. Light to medium bodied, somewhat herbal and minty in flavour with citrusy overtones.