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Portuguese Red

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  • Avelada Follies Red Touriga Cabernet Sauvignon

    Avelada Follies Red Touriga Cabernet Sauvignon

    Aromas of: Cassis, cherry and chocolate notes are evident and well integrated with wood notes. 

    Palette: Is a full bodied, balanced and elegant wine, with obvious notes of blackberries, figs and spices, complemented with firm and round tannins. 

    The end is long and presents a creamy sensation.

  • Casal Garcia Douro Red

    Casal Garcia Douro Red

    Lively colour, with ruby tones, and a fruity aroma including the floral notes of the Touriga Nacional grape. In the mouth, red fruits dominate. 

    Great with white meats, roasted cod fish and salads 

  • Herdade Do Peso Trinca

    Herdade Do Peso Trinca

    Very bright red in colour. Intense aroma dominated by ripe, fruity components (blackberry, raspberry and plums). Dense in texture, with high-quality tannins, well-balanced acidity and a long finish.