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  • Darenberg Custodian Grenache

    Darenberg Custodian Grenache

  • Purple Hands Old Vine Grenache

    Purple Hands Old Vine Grenache

    A vibrant nose with aromas of strawberry, cranberry and rhubarb, hints of stem that add an interesting complexity note. This medium bodied wine immediately fills the mouth with sweet berry flavours which bounces over fine fruit, with stem tannin finishing off this bright textural wine.

  • Thistledown Gorgeous Grenache

    Thistledown Gorgeous Grenache

    Grenache is Australia’s signature grape variety and we’re slightly obsessed with it. Utilising a range of premium vineyrds across South Australia, we’ve crafted a wine that captures all that is good about Grenache. Aromatic, deceptively light but with beautiful wild fruit, and slurpy, supple tannins.

  • Yalumba Vine Vale Grenache

    Yalumba Vine Vale Grenache

    This wine opens with an exuberant nose of dark fruits, wild spices, savouriness and gamey notes. The nose reveals red cherry, cinnamon, freshly baked bread and green cardamom pods. As it sits in the glass over time the layers of fruit and the savoury structure integrate with air creating a beautifully complex Grenache. Underneath its savoury layers, the tannins show through with a texture that’s as cool and fine as damp stones with the lively acidity giving it a bright persistence.