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  • Cachaca 51 1lt

    Cachaca 51 1lt

    The Cachaça 51, in fact, is the most drunk cachaça in Brazil and the world. The distillate is quite rough, very difficult to drink pure, and is more suitable for the preparation of fruit-based cocktails, such as Batida, or as the main ingredient of the famous Caipirinha.

    What does differentiate cachaça from rum? Well, the raw material. Rum, in fact, is generally produced from molasses, while cachaça is made from the juice of unrefined sugar cane.

  • Sagatiba Christalina Cachaca

    Sagatiba Christalina Cachaca

    Sagatiba is a superior cachaça handcrafted from fresh sugar cane grown in the farmlands of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is aged for two years in tropical wood casks to attain exquisite smoothness, exotic fruit aromas and unparalleled flavor.