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  • Drouin Calvados Selection 700ml

    Drouin Calvados Selection 700ml

    For many years Christian Drouin wondered how to produce a young Calvados that would be well balanced on the palate while offering an intense fruity bouquet.

    Sélection achieves this harmony by combining the sharp freshness of perry pears with the smoothness of cider apples. The ciders and perries are distilled in a column still and then aged in old, often-used casks that preserve the subtle balance of this Calvados with its appetizing fragrance of fresh fruit. Recommended to those who appreciate Calvados as a long drink at aperitif time, it is also well suited to the preparation of cocktails, and for gourmet recipes.

  • Drouin Calvados Vsop 700ml

    Drouin Calvados Vsop 700ml

    This VSOP Calvados from Christian Drouin has been matured in ex-wine casks, creating a warm mix of cinnamon-baked apples, gingerbread, vanilla and cinnamon aromas. The palate offers notes of sweet cider, Tarte Tatin, wild apples, baking spices, oak and raisins.

  • Drouin Pommeau De Normand

    Drouin Pommeau De Normand

    A classic Normandy pommeau from Christian Drouin, aged for three-to-four years in oak barrels.

    Three parts cider apple juice and one part calvados, the appellation for Pommeau de Normandie is a minimum aging of 14 months but this is almost double that time.

    Supremely fresh, this has a beautiful farmhouse aroma and a moderate sweetness. It's apple juice with the structure of being fortified.