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  • Calvados Domfrontais 2005

    Calvados Domfrontais 2005

    Domfrontais Calvadoss differ from those of the PaysdAuge by being made from at least 30% pears, as well as the traditional apples. This makes not only for a lighter-coloured spirit, but also one thats more feminine and elegant. Rarely exported, this 2000 vintage is a prodution fermiere or 'farm-made' calvados, indicating thats its made entirely on the farm, making it a true artisanal product made under the highest standards.

  • Calvados Victor Gontier Domfrontais 2008

    Calvados Victor Gontier Domfrontais 2008

    Here we appreciate the constant quality of the Domfrontais origin Calvados where a high ratio of pear to apple brings softness, roundness and ripe aromatics. The older vintage are more concentrated in aromas; this 2008 succeed in being an amazingly mature yet young calvados.

  • Chat Du Breuil Calvados

    Chat Du Breuil Calvados

    Two years of an aging in oaks casks give a gold color to the fruity taste of its youth.Vigorous and fresh on the palate, it's a product carrying the "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Pays d'Auge". All the fragrances of Normandy!