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  • Appleton Reserve Rum 8 Year Old

    Appleton Reserve Rum 8 Year Old

    The most versatile expression of full-bodied aged rum, revealing aromas of spicy fruit and oak, followed by hints of honey, vanilla and the signature Appleton Estate orange peel note.

  • Appleton Signature Blend Rum

    Appleton Signature Blend Rum

  • Bacardi Rum 700ml

    Bacardi Rum 700ml

    Established in Cuba in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi Mass'O, Bacardi has a unique taste which is both subtle and delicate allowing it to complement light flavours such as mint and lime. It is quadruple distilled, double filtered and aged for two years in oak barrels. Put simply, your favourite drink will taste better with Bacardi.

  • Badel Rum 1lt

    Badel Rum 1lt

    This is a spirit based product flavoured with an extract of Rum. Its amazing aroma and notes of caramel makes it a perfect drink or mixer.

  • Beach House Gold Spiced Rum 40% 700ml

    Beach House Gold Spiced Rum 40% 700ml

    Beach House is a top of the range, spiced rum with a highly original style. Produced on the finest terroirs of Mauritius, it’s harmonious blend of spicy, peppery notes and subtle underlying sweetness is shot through with a tropical ambiance, making it a rum best sipped while soaking up the rays of a beautiful sunset. A beautiful straw colour with golden tints. Subtle to begin with, dominated by blood oranges and honey, before an onslaught of intense gingerbread, lime and crystalized ginger aromas. A delightful harmony between the tropical softness of sugarcane, floral notes of bitter orange blossom and hints of exotic spices.

  • Sale!Bear Hug Rum Mango

    Bear Hug Rum Mango

    A tropical paradise infusion. Juicy sweet, sun grown mangoes merged with premium five-times distilled Barbados virgin rum for your tongue to savour.

    $21.99 $16.99
  • Sale!Bear Hug Rum Wild Berry

    Bear Hug Rum Wild Berry

    Luscious, cranberries and blueberries merged with the essence of pomegranate, raspberries and blackberries. All the elements intensely infused as one with premium fivetimes distilled Barbados virgin rum.

    $21.99 $16.99
  • Bundaberg O.p 700ml

    Bundaberg O.p 700ml

    Bundaberg Original OP is blended to 57.7%. The stronger blend brings out more of the rich, intense character that is the signature of all Bundaberg Rum products.

  • Bundaberg U.p. 700ml

    Bundaberg U.p. 700ml

  • Cachaca 51 700ml

    Cachaca 51 700ml

    Cachaca otherwise known as the Brizilian Rum. A distillation of sugar cane juice gives Cachaça a light, sweet, character (very much like rum). A favourite in fruit cocktails and great for making Brazilian Caipirinhas.

    The bottle in the image is the older bottle style. We are currently selling the new style bottles. Enjoy this wonderful product.

  • Cachaca 51 Gold 700ml

    Cachaca 51 Gold 700ml

    Aged Cachaca, golden in colour, limpid and brilliant. Sweetish and smooth taste, with light notes of vanilla, peach and honey. Aroma of fruits and wood. You can drink in several ways. Try icy in sips or mixed with fruits

  • Captain Morgan Spice Rum

    Captain Morgan Spice Rum