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  • Appleton Extra Rum 12 Year Old

    Appleton Extra Rum 12 Year Old

    Full bodied rum. Complex sweet, citrus, spice and woody notes that are derived from the sugar cane as well as developed naturally during the fermentation, distillation and ageing processes: Delicate molasses, Vibrant orange peel, Rich vanilla, Subtle coffee and cocoa, Hint of almond and toasted oak.

  • Bacardi Oak Heart Spice Rum

    Bacardi Oak Heart Spice Rum

    Bacardi OakHeart is an expertly blended premium spirit that contains flavours and spices charred in the heart of white-oak barrels. This gives Bacardi OakHeart its velvet smooth, spiced richness complemented by a hint of smokiness. Bacardi OakHeart tastes great straight or mixed with Cola and served in a chilled stein over ice.


  • Bati Fiji Spice Rum 2 Year Old

    Bati Fiji Spice Rum 2 Year Old

    The rum is subtle, well rounded and easy to mix or drink over ice. Light gold in colour, this rum has warm, spicy, vanilla overtones.

    Aged 2 years.

    Silver Medal 2015 International Wine & Spirits Competition * Distilled Spirit Awarded.

  • Bear Hug Rum Mango

    Bear Hug Rum Mango

    A tropical paradise infusion. Juicy sweet, sun grown mangoes merged with premium five-times distilled Barbados virgin rum for your tongue to savour.

  • Bear Hug Rum Wild Berry

    Bear Hug Rum Wild Berry

    Luscious, cranberries and blueberries merged with the essence of pomegranate, raspberries and blackberries. All the elements intensely infused as one with premium fivetimes distilled Barbados virgin rum.

  • Bundaberg O.p 700ml

    Bundaberg O.p 700ml

    Bundaberg Original OP is blended to 57.7%. The stronger blend brings out more of the rich, intense character that is the signature of all Bundaberg Rum products.

  • Bundaberg U.p. 700ml

    Bundaberg U.p. 700ml

  • Captain Morgan Spice Rum

    Captain Morgan Spice Rum

  • Dos Maderas Aged Rum 5 + 5 Years Old

    Dos Maderas Aged Rum 5 + 5 Years Old

    First resting for five years in the Caribbean, then for three more at the Williams & Humbert facilities in casks which have aged "Dos Cortados” (Palo Cortado), Dos Maderas 5+3 rum once finished then undergoes a third stage of ageing in butts which have previously aged "Don Guido" sherry (Pedro Ximénez) for 20 years, thus giving origin to the extraordinary Dos Maderas PX rum. Both "Don Guido“ and "Dos Cortados" have been aged for 20 years as certified by the oldest Denomination of Origin in Spain: that of Jerez-Xérès-Sherry.

    The final stage of ageing in casks which have previously aged a Pedro Ximénez sherry such as "Don Guido" gives Dos Maderas PX rum a very dark amber colour and delicate hints of raisins, fig and vanilla which make it very appealing.

    Serving tips: given its extremely high quality it is recommended to serve either neat or on the rocks. Dedicated to those who know about rum, it may also be enjoyed in luxury mixers with flavoured soft drinks, carbonated or not.

  • Havana Anejo Especial

    Havana Anejo Especial

    Havana Club Añejo Especial has a bright, warm and mesmerising golden colour. An intense aroma, reminiscent of sugarcane with slightly smoky accents and hints of honey, vanilla and cinnamon. Havana Club Añejo Especial is an intense rum with a round and persistent finish. However, it retains the characteristic lightness of all Havana Club rums.

  • Inner Circle 75.9 Percent Black

    Inner Circle 75.9 Percent Black

  • Marzadro Pellarossa Rum And Honey

    Marzadro Pellarossa Rum And Honey

    Here is the fruit of an old recipe revisited in a modern key! Redskin is a liquor made of Rum aged up to 12 years along with the precious honey of the bee-keeping about thirty. The result is a perfect balance between aroma, silky and spicy notes, twisted enveloping scents and tastes full and sweet.