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New Products

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  • Blackwattle Op Sydney Gin

    Blackwattle Op Sydney Gin

    Thirteen botanicals have been carefully selected to create this Overproof Gin. Featuring Juniper, Cardamon, Lemon & Coriander Seed, enjoy this gin neat, in a cocktail or with your favourite mixer.

  • Blackwattle Dry Sydney Gin

    Blackwattle Dry Sydney Gin

    Our Dry Sydney Gin has been created with Blackwattle Bay Landmark, The Sydney Fish Markets in mind. Juniper, lemon, black pepper and a range of spices make this gin the perfect companion to your favourite seafood.

  • Mama Lemon Moscato

    Mama Lemon Moscato

    Grape Variety Moscato and Lemon. Bouquet Intense citrus and lemon notes. Taste Good citrus freshness, accompanied by a pleasant drink and long persistence.

  • Flowstone Touriga Red

    Flowstone Touriga Red

    Deep red, with purple hues. Blueberry, plum, blackberry, bittersweet cocoa and a subtle stimulating hint of mint and violet Hints of toffee, and marmalade. Beautifully smooth and supple, with a purity of fruit, and concealed power. Powerful, yet velvety , tannins, and a slate like nuance on the finish. This wine is still very youthful, and you can see that it will age for a very long time.

  • Flowstone Moonmilk White

    Flowstone Moonmilk White

    NOTE: Vintage will not be the same for every bottle 

    A blend of fresh aromatic whites, with notes of citrus blossom, dusky rose petal, and pear skin, set in a texturally rich palate that finishes savoury, chalky and mineral.

  • Flowstone Moonmilk Shiraz Grenache

    Flowstone Moonmilk Shiraz Grenache

    Deep and vibrant red/purple, with purple notes. The colour is extraordinarily dense, and full of vibrance. Generous and soft, with bright fresh flavours. The flavours are surprisingly complex as they evolve from one to another. There is great length of flavour and texture, and abundant, but soft, juicy tannins. This wine drinks fantastically now, and will for some years.

  • Maina Mascarpone Chocolate Panettone 750g

    Maina Mascarpone Chocolate Panettone 750g

    Soft Panettone, deliciously filled with delicate Mascarpone cream and lots of chocolate chips. A crunchy dark chocolate glaze enhances its sublime taste

  • Fratelli Sicilia Amarena E Chocolate Panett 1kg

    Fratelli Sicilia Amarena E Chocolate Panett 1kg

    Panettone filled with sour cherries and glazed chocolate cubes from Pasticceria Fratelli Sicilia

  • Dolci Di Romeo Amarene E Crema Panettone 1kg His

    Dolci Di Romeo Amarene E Crema Panettone 1kg His

    Natural leavened panettone with black cherries, filled with custard.

  • Dolci Di Romeo Limoncello Panettone 1kg Hist Box

    Dolci Di Romeo Limoncello Panettone 1kg Hist Box

    Naturally leavened limoncello cream filled panettone

  • Belgian Truffes Original 200g

    Belgian Truffes Original 200g

    Experience the timeless tradition of Belgian chocolate craftsmanship at The Belgian, founded in 1956 by Walter and Renée Gartner. Explore our exquisite chocolates, lovingly made with the finest ingredients, to delight hearts worldwide.

  • Capi Dry Tonic 4pk 250ml

    Capi Dry Tonic 4pk 250ml

    Capi Dry Tonic is the second released tonic in CAPI's award-winning mixer range. Crafted locally in Victoria, this Tonic has a unique crispy dry finish with 30% less sugar than Capi's core range Tonic.