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New Products

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  • Firestarter Vodka 700ml

    Firestarter Vodka 700ml

    Firestarter Vodka is a premium vodka that is presented in a red designer bottle shaped like a fire extinguisher! However, as the product name suggests, this bottle rather fires up your party!

    Award winning vodka distilled from winter wheat and five times filtered. The nose is invitingly fresh with a generous dose of sweet grains with an accent of wet river stones and hints of spring flowers. The palate confirms the nose being silky with a dose of sweetness that is expected with wheat based vodkas. Crystal clear and nicely balanced with great texture ready to act as a solo performer or perfect for citrus mixers that will take advantage of the citrus notes that rise on the finish.

  • Sandro De Bruno Colli Scaligeri Soave Doc

    Sandro De Bruno Colli Scaligeri Soave Doc

    At sight intense straw yellow. The nose is quite intense, 
    persistent, fine. We find notes of unripe white fruit,
    citrus, dried almond, floral tones of acacia.
    In the background we can see a mineral vein. On the palate
    it is fresh, dry and particularly savory.
    Certainly warm and full, the finish is rather long
  • Planeta Etna Rosso

    Planeta Etna Rosso

    This wine is produced at Feudo di Mezzo winery, situated in the heart of Etna viticulture. It comes from Nerello Mascalese grapes, and from the search for a modern expression of this noble grape variety cultivated in the unique and splendid terroir of Etna.

    A wine which unexpectedly transforms into a champion of drinkable red wine with marked savoury flavour and a tasting profile produced by a ferrous touch, rhubarb and very evident black pepper.

  • Condorelli Colomba Chocolate 1kg

    Condorelli Colomba Chocolate 1kg

    Italian chocolate colomba (Easter cake). 

    1kg cake

  • Condorelli Colomba Classic 1kg

    Condorelli Colomba Classic 1kg

    Italian classic traditional colomba (Easter cake)

    1kg cake

  • Condorelli Colomba Gianduja 1kg

    Condorelli Colomba Gianduja 1kg

    This box comes with:

    1x Italian Colomba Margherita 1kg (plain cake) 

    1x jar of Gianduja cream

    1x Spreading knife 

  • Condorelli Colomba Citrus Cream 1kg

    Condorelli Colomba Citrus Cream 1kg

    Italian colomba with citrus cream (Easter cake)

    1kg cake

  • Carl Jung Non Alcoholic Rose

    Carl Jung Non Alcoholic Rose

    This beautiful pink de-alcoholised Rosé wine has a fresh with a slight fizz.  

    Vegan friendly

  • Varnelli Amaro Dell Erborista 500ml

    Varnelli Amaro Dell Erborista 500ml

    This intriguing amaro is obtained from a decoction of herbs, roots and barks which are prepared over a wood fire. Only pure honey is used to sweeten this blend. To the Eye Tobacco colour with brick red shades, opaque, expressive. To the Nose It offers aromas of nearly stewed ripe fruit and sultana, with scents of gentian, rhubarb, sandalwood and honey. On the Palate Dry, bitter, warm. Its tannic structure is powerful: somewhat drying to the palate, it is countered by intense salivation at the side walls of the mouth. Hard notes due to acids and tannins are dominant. Persistence Intense aroma of spices, rhubarb, sandalwood.Tonic persistence is also intense.

  • Tiechenne Strawberry Cream Tequila 700ml

    Tiechenne Strawberry Cream Tequila 700ml

  • Masso Antico Fiano

    Masso Antico Fiano

    Straw yellow color and elegant aromas of almond, citrus and tropical notes, Masso Antico Fiano is another gem from Apulia. Fresh and aromatic, with a long and pleasant finish. The grapes are picked up manually and placed in small cases. Once in the cellar, part of the grapes undergoes a drying process at controlled temperature to enhance the flavours and increase the natural sugar level.

    The vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks. A part of the wine undergoes an aging process of 3 months in oak barrels and then blended with the remaining part, giving complexity and structure to the final product.

  • Delas Cotes Du Rhone Blanc St Esprit

    Delas Cotes Du Rhone Blanc St Esprit

    The colour has a golden straw hue with green tinges. The main aromas are reminiscent of white flowers and yellow fruit, enhanced by touches of exotic and citrus fruit. On the palate, the wine is alert, seductively suave and fresh.