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  • Bosca Luigi Moscato Asti

    Bosca Luigi Moscato Asti

    Made with verdi and natural peach aromas, lively, fizzy and fruity, Peach sparkletini is a sophisticated.


    Delicately sweet spumante with an extraordinary peach aroma.

  • De Bortoli Petit Moscato 750ml

    De Bortoli Petit Moscato 750ml

    Made from Muscat Rouge à Petits Grains, Petit Moscato is a ball of fun and flavour with the perfect balance of bright fruits, soft acidity and spritzy finish. Indulgent refreshment - perfect for dressing up the garden party!

  • Fiore Moscato 750ml

    Fiore Moscato 750ml

    It is a crystal clear sparkling wine highlighted by subtle green hues. Rich and floral aromas of roses and sweet spice flow from the attractive bouquet while the palate is juicy and vibrant, brimming with lychee and grape flavours. These flavours and fragrances are balanced by underlying sweetness to end in a spritzy and refreshing finale. This refreshing Moscato has a short-term cellaring potential, and tastes great well-chilled either as an aperitif or served with fresh fruit desserts and fruit salads.

  • Fiore Pink Moscato 750ml

    Fiore Pink Moscato 750ml

    Fresh spritzy Pink Moscato with lifted rose water and a hint of spicy poached pears. Delicate notes of jasmine sweetness with balanced fresh pomegranate providing a luscious and soft palate. Simply delicious!

  • La Gioioso Moscato

    La Gioioso Moscato

  • Marco Bonfante Moscato D'asti

    Marco Bonfante Moscato D'asti

    A straw yellow coloured wine with a delicate nose of soft fresh fruit (grapes and apricots) and flowers (citrus blossoms). On the palate this wine has very fine bubbles and is about a third as effervescent as Champagne. Fresh grape flavours are complemented by hints of apricot, peach, and nectarine flavour. A slightly sweet wine with good balance and a light finish – it is only 5% alcohol! Its freshness and gentleness make Moscato a great aperitif or a fine match for brunch or dessert, especially with fresh fruits, pastries, cakes, or panettone.

  • Toso Moscato 750ml

    Toso Moscato 750ml

    A sweet sparkling wine obtained from a careful selection of Muscat grapes, pleasantly fragrant and moderate in alcohol. It has pale straw yellow colour with fine foam and tenacious perlage. Serve cool at 6-8°c. Excellent to match desserts, fruit and dried pastries. Alc/Vol: 6%

  • Two Monkeys Pink Moscato

    Two Monkeys Pink Moscato

    Two Monkeys Pink Moscato is sophisticated and bubbly. This frizzante style Moscato is pretty in pink and laced with sherbet. Sweet aromas of peach, rose petals and raspberries highlight the sweetness of this pink moscato.