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White Rum

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  • Bacardi Rum 700ml

    Bacardi Rum 700ml

    Established in Cuba in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardi Mass'O, Bacardi has a unique taste which is both subtle and delicate allowing it to complement light flavours such as mint and lime. It is quadruple distilled, double filtered and aged for two years in oak barrels. Put simply, your favourite drink will taste better with Bacardi.

  • Bacardi Rum 8 Yr Old 700ml

    Bacardi Rum 8 Yr Old 700ml

    Each batch is made form a special selection of barrel aged reserve rums, And for a minimum of 8 years, giving it a refined flavour of prune, apricot, nutmeg and vanilla.

  • Bacardi Rum Oro Gold 700ml

    Bacardi Rum Oro Gold 700ml

    Bacardi Gold is aged for two years in oak barrels and carefully blended to maintain a smooth mellow flavour and golden colour, providing a slightly richer taste than Bacardi Superior and ideal for mixing with stronger flavours.

  • Havana Anejo 3yo

    Havana Anejo 3yo

    The ageing of Havana Club 3 years enables it to develop aromas of flower, sugarcane, herbs and citrus that make it very characteristic and also perfect for blending well in cocktails.