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Gluten Free Beer

Click the View link to see more details or to purchase cartons or other pack sizes if available.
  • Ambar Low Gluten Free Especial

    Ambar Low Gluten Free Especial

    Its amber colour is a result of the half-roasted malts used in its brewing which give it a unique bitterness in harmony with its body. The careful mix of malts, made from the most select varieties of two-row barley, give it body and roundness to the palate, and an unmistakable finesse and bouquet. The choice of bitter and aromatic hops lends the beer its characteristic fresh bitterness. The process that degrades and deactivates the original gluten has been controlled and perfected over time, reaching a content of under 6ppm.

  • O'brien Pale Ale Gluten Free

    O'brien Pale Ale Gluten Free

    A light golden ale with abundant citrus, tropical fruit flavours and a light sweetness.

    O’BRIEN PALE ALE was Australia’s first commercially produced gluten free beer. It is a full bodied American style pale ale, brewed with the finest malted gluten free grains.
    4.5% Alc/Vol

  • O'brien Premium Lager Gluten Free .330ml

    O'brien Premium Lager Gluten Free .330ml

    A full-bodied, naturally craft-brewed, gluten free lager that has a distinct floral aroma and firm bitterness leading to a clean crisp finish.

    The long patient fermentation and maturation periods deliver a smooth, clean and rich beer.
    4.5% Alc/Vol

  • Peroni Red Low Gluten 330ml

    Peroni Red Low Gluten 330ml

    Peroni Gluten is ... your Peroni forever! A perfect balance of sweet and bitter, with a little hoppy flavour and easy to drink.

  • Zatec Celia Organic Gluten Free

    Zatec Celia Organic Gluten Free


    CELIA beer is gluten-free beer, whose mission is to give pleasant experience of drinking beer the people, for whom the beer was until now almost forbidden chamber. CELIA is a light lager, that is made by using unique patented way, which preserves the typical taste of Czech lager and enables its consumption for people, suffering from celiac disease, who can´t drink the common types of beers.

    Volume of alcohol:          4.5 %