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Craft Beer

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  • Badlands Brewbacca Kolsch Cans 355ml

    Badlands Brewbacca Kolsch Cans 355ml

    This ale is based on a Cologne style Kölsch. A subtle, warm and cuddly beast, Light biscuity character from the German Pilsener malt marries with soft and understated aroma and citrus flavours from Hallertau hops, the King of German noble hops.

  • Badlands Darkness Porter Cans 355ml

    Badlands Darkness Porter Cans 355ml

    A robust English Porter. Dark and delicious. Chocolate, rum and orange flavours all come from the five malts used.

  • Badlands Ipa Cans 355ml

    Badlands Ipa Cans 355ml

    This beer is for hop lovers. Fruity southern hemisphere hops give  spicy citrus hit. The solid malt bckbone and assertive bitterness bring the beer into balance. 

  • Badlands Jaxon Red Ipa 440ml Cans

    Badlands Jaxon Red Ipa 440ml Cans

    Rich toffee and treacle malt backbone is exploded with hops.  The highly sought after American hop varieties Simcoe,  and Mosaic are counterbalanced by Aussie grown Cascade, and Galaxy hops. Grapefruit, melon, bubble gum and passionfruit flavours come through and a soft but robust bitterness rounds out the picture.

  • Badlands Neipa Campbells Cans 440ml

    Badlands Neipa Campbells Cans 440ml

    A mega hop schedule including citra, galaxy, mosaic and Nelson Sauvin plus a new hop from NZ. A gorgeous hazynes is helped along by the addition of wheat and oats to the mash.  

  • Badlands Pale Ale 330ml

    Badlands Pale Ale 330ml

    A Golden ale, with a fresh, soft palette, unique fruity hint and a snappy bitterness in the finish that calls for another … dangerously drinkable.

  • Baladin Isaac 330ml

    Baladin Isaac 330ml

    The creamy head, the intentionally cloudy, apricot color and the scent of yeast and citrus, which blend into spicy harmonies of coriander and peeled oranges, call you from the glass. Refreshing to the palate, it has a light body and is very easy to drink.

  • Baladin Nora 330ml

    Baladin Nora 330ml

    Nora tells of ancient history, nomadic people and pyramids, spices and Kamut®, which means “the soul of the earth” in ancient Egyptian. Its warm, orange-amber color is complemented by a tall head which releases notes of Eastern aromas, ginger and citrus fruit.

    NORA scents and sweetly balanced taste are ideal to accompany spicy ethnic dishes, cured meats and cheeses, artichokes and asparagus.

  • Baladin Rock N Roll 330ml

    Baladin Rock N Roll 330ml

    Water, barley malt, mainly American hops, yeast and pepper for an unmistakably Rock ‘n’ Roll character. A beer whose freshness and the skillful use of pepper blend with the aromas and bitterness of hops in a "musical" crescendo. A true drink’n roll experience which will certainly  attract a host of aficionados. To be drunk when it takes your fancy: on its own to quench your thirst, or with cold cuts and cheese at cocktail time. 

  • Baladin Super Bitter 8% 330ml

    Baladin Super Bitter 8% 330ml

    Has notes of caramel, just a hint of dried fruit and the bitterness of the hops. Supper Bitter, it will entice you to spend time with others and socialise.

  • Baladin Wayan 330ml

    Baladin Wayan 330ml

    5 cereals: barley, spelt, wheat, rye and buckwheat. 9 spices, of which 5 peppers, in a renewed mix. Fizzy and refreshing, with a light, slightly cloudy color. Its aromas are reminiscent of the countryside and sun-soaked citrus orchards, and perfectly combine with the notes of orange blossoms, pear and bergamot, present in the recipe.

  • Balmain Pilsner

    Balmain Pilsner

    It’s a brew created in honour of the great old Balmain Brewery of the 1980’s, so fondly remembered by many for its Lager and Bock at the time! The re-launched Pilsner is in the style of a New World Bohemian Pilsner, with Motueka hops, as well as NZ Saaz and traditional Czech Saaz, which produce lovely herbaceous fruit driven notes in the aroma. It also has three different malts: Pale Pilsner malt; Caramalt for complexity and colour; and Carapils for biscuit maltiness. The Balmain Pilsner is well balanced with a rounded clean crisp finish, and is the perfect complement to seafood or on its own as an aperitif!