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Imported Sparkling

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  • Bellussi Belcanto Cuvee Rose

    Bellussi Belcanto Cuvee Rose

    Cuvee Rose is obtained from a careful selection of Black Pinot, with rosy vinification and light pression. A brut, particularly delicate spumante has been created, with dainty colours, like peach and salmon pink, with well-balanced structure and remarkably elegant bouquet. It is excellent as an aperitif, perfect to be served with meals, suitable for most expert and refined consumer.

  • Bonomi Franciacorta Grand Cuvee

    Bonomi Franciacorta Grand Cuvee

  • Ca Del Bosco Annamaria Clementi Sparkling

    Ca Del Bosco Annamaria Clementi Sparkling

    The exclusive commitment needed to make this Franciacorta dedicated to Annamaria Clementi, founder of Ca' del Bosco and Maurizio Zanella's mother. No compromises, no concessions. Only the finest grapes from the various crus are earmarked for this icon wine. And only in the finest years. Meticulous vinification and very lengthy bottle refinement.

    Full-bodied, with aromas of dried pear, peach and yellow flowers.

    An explosion of fruit with a long well structured finish.

  • Ca Del Bosco Prestige Cuvee

    Ca Del Bosco Prestige Cuvee

    Immediate on the nose, appealing yellow fruit and bread-crust nose. Fine bead and slow to emerge lemon fruit. Long, fragrant and at the drier side of the spectrum.

  • De Vescovi K900 Sparkling

    De Vescovi K900 Sparkling

  • Edmond Thery Blanc De Blanc

    Edmond Thery Blanc De Blanc

    A sparkling French wine that is dry and easy on the palate.

  • Grandin Brut

    Grandin Brut

    Produced using the traditional method, Grandin sparkling is elegant with an exception bouquet and exquisite aroma.

  • Henkell Trocken Piccolo

    Henkell Trocken Piccolo

    Henkell Trocken combines sparkling wine competence, elegance, class, unconventiality, activity and dynamics like no other in an independent and inimitable way, making it the ideal sparkling wine for casual but stylish celebrations. Henkell Trocken is a classic dry, fully matured, elegant sparkling wine with distinctive character and a gentle flowery, vinous bouquet.

  • Katlenburger Mango

    Katlenburger Mango

  • Katlenburger Strawberry

    Katlenburger Strawberry

    Katlenburger Strawberry Sparkling offers an exquisite fine sparkling fruit indulgence in perfection and a delicious alternative to sparkling wine and champagne. 80 years of experience in producing best sparkling wines, the exclusive use of high quality raw materials and our exceptional accuracy guarantee highest fruit indulgence.

  • La Baume Sparkling Rose Nv

    La Baume Sparkling Rose Nv

    Red fruit and nice balance. Fantastic for a welcome drink. Strawberry taste at the end of the palette. Great with cheese.

  • Majolini Brut Rose Docg

    Majolini Brut Rose Docg

    The wine is aged on the yeasts in bottle for at least 24 months. Elegant, wide-ranging, with hints of strawberry, peach, and berries. Complete, full, persistent.