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  • Pellegrino Fine Marsala

    Pellegrino Fine Marsala

    Ideal with sweets, used for the preparation of various recipes.

    Intense ambertcolour, typical of Marsala, fine and delicate.

  • Pellegrino Secco Marsala

    Pellegrino Secco Marsala

    An outstanding dessert wine, it has an intese amber colour, a plasant aroma of plum and sweet and honeyed notes of dried fig.

    Great with dried fruit, creamy desserts, hard cheeses

  • Toso Grandovo 1 Litre

    Toso Grandovo 1 Litre

    Aromatized wine produced according the ancient home recipe, with fine doc Marsala wine aromatized with herbs and added of yolks. Serve at room temperature. Tonic and energetic thanks to the high nutritive values of the egg, it is the ideal companion of meditation hours. Particularly suitable with pastries. Alc/Vol: 18%

  • Toso Marsala Fine Doc 1lt

    Toso Marsala Fine Doc 1lt

    Very noble wine both for the high quality of the grapes and for the ancient craftmade production. The wine obtained is refined in oak barrels to exalt smells and typicalities. Warm, amber colour, with harmonious bouquet. Vinegrape: Grillo, Inzolia, Catarratto. Serve at room temperature. Wine of great versatility, to be tasted in the most varied occasions. Alc/Vol: 17 %