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Greek Whites

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  • Alpha Estate Assyrtiko

    Alpha Estate Assyrtiko

    Crystal, bright sub-yellow-straw, with greenish hints. Nose intense and rich, complex, typical of the variety. Citrus, floral and white stone fruits. Excellent structure, creamy and crisp. Londn and persistent finish.

  • Alpha Estate Sauvignon Blanc

    Alpha Estate Sauvignon Blanc

    Brilliant light yellow color with greenish hints. Intense and rich nose, typical of the variety, with citrus, passion fruit, honeydew and hints of oak. Full mouth, creamy, with excellent balance, freshness and finesse. Persistent aftertaste aromas with long finish.

  • Cambas Imiglykos White.2lt

    Cambas Imiglykos White.2lt

    Medium sweet white wine from Greece

  • Malamatina Retsina 2litre

    Malamatina Retsina 2litre

  • Tsantali Retsina 2lt

    Tsantali Retsina 2lt

    Traditionally made with pine barrels this dry white wine enjoys the flavours and aromas of the vessels they were matured in with a clean refreshing finish. Enjoy with Mediterranean starter, fish and seafood,roast lamb and light meat dishes.

  • Tsantali Retsina 750ml

    Tsantali Retsina 750ml

    Bright pale yellow color with light golden hues. The nose is vibrant with aromas of citrus, pear and apple, as well as elegant fresh pine resin.  Mouthwatering with a dry and refreshing palate that leads to a line-and-pine, saline finish.