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  • La Fee Parisian Absinthe 700m

    La Fee Parisian Absinthe 700m

  • Metelka Absinthe De Moravie 500ml

    Metelka Absinthe De Moravie 500ml

    This Absinthe De Moravie has a spicy aroma, which also has notes of fennel, anise, cloves and wormwood. 

    It demonstrates bitter, spicy, heady taste with notes of wormwood, anise, fennel and herbs, gradually turning into a long aftertaste.

    There are several ways of absinthe drinking. Typically, the beverage drink diluted with the addition of sugars (using special spoon) and 5 parts water to 1 part absinthe water is sometimes used instead of ice cubes. Absinthe is also often a part of a variety of cocktails, bringing their taste certain piquancy. Absinthe can also be enjoyed in its pure form, but in small doses. 

  • Metelka Absinthe Naturelle 500ml

    Metelka Absinthe Naturelle 500ml

    Absinthe Naturelle is a premium product of Metelka. It’s given a special care. This Absinthe is made by a special technology. As the name implies, it’s completely natural product without a use of any artificial colors. On the bottom of every bottle, there are purified coriander seeds that emphasize its natural character. Coriander seeds are macerated for a few months prior adding to the final product, so they do not change the flavor of Absinthe Naturelle.