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  • Brown Brothers Tawny

    Brown Brothers Tawny

    Previously referred to as ‘Australian Tawny Port’, our Australian Tawny shows the classic caramel treacle colour of a tawny style. Delicious aromas of spicy fruit cake and raisins are immediate on the nose, while on the palate this fortified is luscious and intense with caramel and aged rancio flavours – a direct result of blending mature and younger wines. The wood maturation of this wine enhances the developed qualities of richness and intensity. This port shows sweetness balanced by the drying sensations derived from extended ageing in oak barrels, and a lengthy and lingering spicy finish.

  • Bullers Fine Old Tawny

    Bullers Fine Old Tawny

    Shows all the characteristics of long term ageing in oak complex ,mature, spicy flavours and a deeply satisfying dry finish.

    The Buller Fine Old range of fortified wines show the benefit of over 80 years of wine making experience.

  • Bullers Tawny Port

    Bullers Tawny Port

    Wood aging softens the tannic structure of port wine leaving it with a slight nutty character combined with hints of orange rind, raisin, and figs.

  • Ferreira Tawny Port 750ml

    Ferreira Tawny Port 750ml

    Porto Ferreira Tawny has a beautiful red hue with fair hints as well as a fresh and delicate aroma, reminiscent of spices and nuts, acquired during the ageing in oak wood. In the mouth it is an elegant wine that shows a fine balance between mature tannins and sweetness, providing it with an attractive, long finish.

  • Galway Pipe Tawny Port

    Galway Pipe Tawny Port

    Aged in oak for 12 years, award winning Galway Pipe is a superior tawny port that is smooth with concentrated wood-aged flavours and great finesse.

  • Mcwilliams Hanwood Aged Tawny

    Mcwilliams Hanwood Aged Tawny

    A well known classic Australian tawny, matured in oak for 10 years featuring a rich and luscious fruit driven palate with a silky smooth finish from time in oak barrels.

    Incredible rich liqueur raisin characters distinctive of a Christmas fruit cake. With an exceptional round mid palate and fine tannins, with a lusciousness that lingers on and on long after consumption.

  • Mcwilliams Hanwood Classic Tawny

    Mcwilliams Hanwood Classic Tawny

    Raisin, dried fruits, rancio and hints of vanillan oak. Soft and rounded with luscious mid-palate and a sweet lingering finish.

  • Mcwilliams Royal Reserve Tawny 1.5lt

    Mcwilliams Royal Reserve Tawny 1.5lt

    The palate of this wine is fresh and intense, with a tropical fruit salad burst of flavour upfront as soon as you have a sip. There is a lovely balanced acidity providing length, structure and fruit weight to highlight some of the creamier notes that evolved from the yeast during fermentation. This is a great food wine.

    Soft and rounded with a luscious midpalate, McWilliam’s Premium Selection Tawny shows dominant flavours of raisin and toffee with hints of fruit-cake character and a sweet, lingering finish.

  • Mcwilliams Royal Reserve Tawny 750ml

    Mcwilliams Royal Reserve Tawny 750ml

    Soft and rounded with luscious mid-palate and a sweet lingering finish

  • Morris Classic Tawny 500ml

    Morris Classic Tawny 500ml

    A full flavoured palate with a dryness on the finish from the oak and spirit. Ripe fruit characters are complemented with complex nutty and oak characters. Medium depth tawny and red hues.

    Wonderful served chilled paired with sheep or goat’s milk soft cheeses or ginger bread.

  • Mr Pickwicks Port

    Mr Pickwicks Port

    On the palate the wine is intense and concentrated and quite luscious, with a great richness, texture and mouthfilling flavour.

  • Osborne Ruby Porto

    Osborne Ruby Porto